Eloquence of Silence

……...A record of some of the "walkings" which have taken place.


So many words seem to appear
and seem to move and stir
every moment different feelings,
compared to what? I ask.
If this moment is all there is,
The previous does not exist;
And what is not, cannot continue.
If this moment is all there is,
The words are nothing else but that.
In this stillness of this sacred moment
All things seem to come "alive"
While all the time,
all things are nothing but this moment.
And the appearing words,
never different from their source,
The Eloquence of Silence.


        14th May 2003        Stillness of mind is an oxymoron

        15th May 2003       
There is "eventing" no events

      19th May 2003  

        19th May 2003

        20th May 2003

        20th May 2003

        21st May 2003        Flavours of the milieu

        21st May 2003        Ideation, Concepts, reality of the hoopla

        21st May 2003        The hands were kept moving by the same Source

       22nd May 2003   

       22nd May 2003

       23rd May 2003        Why all this hoopla?

        25th May 2003

        26th May 2003        Why do sages contradict themselves?

         27th May 2003        A walking on "Mirroring"

         27th May 2003        Nihilism

         27th May 2003        The Bhagwad Gita

        28th May 2003        A bird sings, not because it has answer s

        28th May 2003        Lints in the eye

         28th May 2003        The need to anthropomorphize

         29th May 2003        Non-duality is as much a concept as duality

         29th May 2003        Ramakrishna and Kali

29th May 2003        Advaita sucks

         30th May 2003        Essence of the Bhagwad Gita

         31st May 2003        Sipping from a hot cup of tea, is Enlightenment

          1st June 2003        The Question Who?

          1st June 2003        Neither a craving, neither an avoidance

           3d June 2003        And then a wave catches your ankles


4th June 2003        And in stating so, it becomes a concept

5th June 2003        The wonder of awakening, of that which
                                   never was asleep and that put to
                                   rest which never was

       6th June 2003            The illusion of existence

       6th June 2003             Countless waves rise and fall

       7th June 2003             Learning is really un-learning

       8th June 2003             Silence

       9th June 2003            The debased and the divine

     10th June 2003            Shut your mouth and hip-hoppings

     11th June 2003            Measuring

     12th June 2003            Energy falling on itself

     12th June 2003            Acceptance of the moment

     13th June 2003            The importance of virtue on the path

     14th June 2003            Surrender

     16th June 2003             Surrender

     17th June 2003            Death

   22nd June 2003             Any point of the Universe
                                              is the centre of the Universe

      23d June 2003            The nothingness of the acorn seed
                                              held a 100 feet tall oak tree

       23d June 2003            Silence is not the absence of words,
                                               but the absence of the self

        23d June 2003           A child on the sea beach, building a sand castle

21st August 2003           Bullshit/Vulnerability/Certainty/Universe pauses to listen

21st August 2003            Advaita-the end of Advaita

21st August 2003            A ducky in a bathtub/HPA axis/Gardner

   21st August 2003          There is only flowing.........no things which flow

       23d  August 2003         Service and Surrender

       24th August 2003         Copious tears

       24th August 2003         ....And all flows from the One, into the One

       24th August 2003         Nuances of the hoopla

         3d October 2003         Helplessness

   5th November 2003         I have some questions

    5th November 2003         Absence can only mirror absence

        4th January 2004         Grace

        4th January 2004         Even the term "ONE" is meaningless

        4th January 2004         Greenhorns and Purple-snouts

     10th March 2004          No-doer / No-Free Will / Lord Advaita I

     10th March 2004          No-doer / No-Free Will / Lord Advaita II

     10th March 2004          No-doer / No-Free Will / Lord Advaita III

     10th March 2004           No-doer / No-Free Will / Lord Advaita IV

          7th April 2004           Reflections

          7th April 2004           What you say, how does it differ from Solipsism?

          7th April 2004           Sipping some tea

        10th April 2004           Witnessing-Apperceiving-Awakening

            30th April 2004           Should I end the Dream?

22nd December 2004           Crispy Popcorn

22nd December 2004           My meditations.Constructive Critisisms wanted I

22nd December 2004           My meditations.Constructive Critisisms wanted II

              7th April 2008            Is Enlightenment a spontaneous experience?

     26th January 2009            The absolute  requirement for completion to be complete

     26th January 2009          The absence of the absence of the presence  of a                                                    reference of  I-AM-less ness

     26th January 2009             Is understanding all?

     27th January 2009             Illusion or delusion?

  November 2009-1   Thought
November 2009-2    When nothing has a purpose...everything can be
 November 2009-3 Nietzsche and a coffee shop
 November 2009-4 The mistaking of theory for actuality, ........"as if" ......for      ...."what is
November 2009-5     Non-Dual Oneness
 November 2009-6  Neither a construct, nor not-a-construct
 March 2010   Although "it" has no form ......"it".........forms.(As-if)

 March 2010  

To be the same is to differentiate....what is the same, is difference.

May 2010      Dreams, memories and a sense of continuity
 May 2010   How we can explain the one-inch grow
July 2010 The sound of the one handed Om
August 2010        The butt and the chair
October 2010 A dialogue of One
January 2011  The forgetting that allowed a memory
Februari 2011 Recovering from NonDualism?