28th May 2003

Does this statement mean that the "self-realized entity" feels the emotions and experiences them full-fold as they arise? Or does the "witnessing" described above suggest that there is a certain detachment, a kind of buffer, from those emotions (whatever they may be)?

I would be curious to read various views on this.

IME it is both...emotions arise, full speed and range but there is no identification with them..they move like energy through me...
..it feels like being on stage and playing theater.

C., what does it mean, being on stage and playing theatre?

Is it like ...............acting totally and completely the particular role of the moment ........and .......simultaneoulsy observing your act?

Very odd because it looks so convincing to the surroundings ..but then the problem is people respond also like I was identified and communication breaks down..


Why does it break down from your side?

it feels like a play and there is the outcome but nothing to say about it...

Ahaaa, C, those waffles do smell great.

Expand on what you are saying.

I am all ears, all heart.

i experimented with this on another list and of course I got immediately into trouble...it was interpreted like it was an absolute truth and that felt odd...

What felt odd?

this leaves me in a odd position..how do you talk if no one understands you?

So do you talk to generate understandings all around?

Or do you bake waffles, because in that moment, the power of a thousand suns, could not move you from plowing the dough?

then what is there to do? Just rest in peace of love..i can't see any other solution than the one that arises...a sit does...

A bird sings, not because it has answers.

But because it has a song.

Irrespective of whether there are ears to hear.






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