Hi AG,

The debased and the divine are the same.Both are necessary and
complementary aspects of the circle and cycle of life and death.



Each defines each other.

It is debasement which makes divinity--- "divine".

And vice versa.


Other wise both are meaningless in themselves.



live each moment anew,dont we have to die to the previous moment?


In the moment there is no "me".

No "me", to experience whatever the moment is.


The 'me' re-emerges, when there is a mnenomic recall of the moment past.


Thus the "me' is always about the past, is the past.


Which is a filtered view of the moment past.

Filtered through the conditioning-in-the-moment, called the mind.



Can we know divinity without knowing debasement?


A 'we', a "me" can never know divinity.


For the 'me" is the very obstacle to apperception.


The "me' is the very sense of distinction between "divinity" and "debasement".


Which means so long divinity is "divine' , so long debasement is 'debasing", there is a "me' to which these affirmations, these distinctions are relevant.


The absence of the sense of distinction, is the absence of the 'me".


Wherein, who is then left to know divinity or know debasement?




 They are indeed an
inextricable polarity. They go together as two sides of the same coin.



And the coin has to drop.

Both the sides.


There can be no fertiliser without garbage.This is a simple fact.
Yet we seek fertiliser and spurn garbage.


Yes, arising out of the sense of distinction is all seeking.

No matter what the sought, what the nature of seeking, whether physical profoundities or spiritual mundaneness, seeking is the consequence arising from the taint of the sense of distinction.



The vanity and the
foolishness of the mind knows no limits.



Mind is the sense of distinction, gathered over time into a bag of memories of experiences.

To expect anything else from the mind, is foolishness.


The biggest hilarity being to try and quieten the mind.


The very attempt to quieten the mind is the "darting" of the mind and thus the very attempt is the very disturbance from which it wants to escape.


Aka trying to lift yourself by your bootstraps.

You are the very weight you are trying to lift.




It is because ignorance is
beginningless that enlightenment is endless.Both are aspects of the
same mind.It is the finite which makes the infinite possible.


And thus both are concepts.


Have you ever wondered, to whom is enlightenment, relevant?


To nobody but the "me".


And thus the relevance of enlightenment, awakening, Moksha, Nirvan, is the existence and perpetuation of the entitification, ergo the "me.

Without evil,there would be no good.They exist in relation to each
other.Without foolishness,there would be no wisdom.Without
debasement,there would be no divinity.




It's the nature of being to see adventure in becoming;

And for becoming to see peace in being.

Being and becoming alternate for ever.

My home is beyond both.



To spurn debasement and seek divinity is debasement,to consider
divinity and debasement as inseparable is divine.


"Spurning" or "considering";

"Rejecting" or "accepting"

"Agreeing" or "dis-agreeing".


..... really are of no import for both arise from the mind.

And mind being an inference from the continuity of memory, anything that the mind does, envisages is hardly of any import.





Thus,the mind and
its dichotomies is endless.A scavenger is as important as a saint.Can
we accept this? Can we accept the fact that without garbage there can
be no fertiliser? Today's garbage is tomorrow's fertiliser.Yet most
of us spurn the garbage today and seek the fertiliser tomorrow.We
spurn debasement and seek divinity.We throw away the caterpillar and
seek the butterfly. Why?


The existing sense of distinction.

Our mind is fascinated by appearances.It is attracted by some things
and repelled by others.It seeks and avoids.It accepts and rejects.It
tosses and turns.It likes and dislikes.It seeks pleasure and avoids
pain.This is the very nature of the mind.


Thus why bother?

Know the nature of your mind and "you" are a witness to the doings of "you" mind.



To see with the eye of
wisdom,we shall have to swim against this current,we shall have to
transcend the polarities of the mind,we shall have to go beyond the
dichotomies of thinking and ascend to a state of unitive




But there is no one to do it, no one to go beyond, no one to ascend.


For the entity, the "seeker-me" is itself an ideation, an inference, a notion.


As is the phenomenality that the "me" perceives( which includes all the infinite shades of the sense of distinctions, which "fashion" the seeking)



To shake hands with divinity, we shall have to embrace the
debased as the divine.


You cannot become what you already are.

You cannot shake hands with yourself.

You cannot embrace your self.








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