The absoluteĀ  requirement for completion to be  complete

Advaita teachers... If they see there is no "other" , to whom do they teach and why?

Speaking happens and that could be perceived as a teaching.

Thereby creating a sense of a "teacher" and separate to that object ...

..another object as the "taught".

However in the speaking, whether about Advaita or about Obama bringing in the third term for the Clintonians...
instead of any real change....

..there is neither a speaker.... nor a spoken to.

Why the speaking?

Why the whispering pine trees, why the cacophony of a bazaar?

Why the birth of a quasar, why the annihilation of galaxies?

Why the horror of an infanticide, why the ecstasy of a deverish in fana?

Why a 670 Trillion dollar swindle known as the derivatives trades?

The appearance of appearances....... absoluteĀ  requirement for completion to be complete.