19th May 2003

Hiya Opengl

with no prejudice Sandeep, this is a very old idea. i'm glad you're onto it and if you come to some sort of understanding of why all humanity perceives this illusion and responds to it in the same way, let me know.

Because humanity being an array of programmed biological computers or in the language of the mystics, .........."instruments of divinity", ..........the individual manifested objects, the instruments are "hard-wired", to do exactly that.

i.e. take the "seen" to be substantial and thus the issue arises to deal with this assumed substantivity.

There is no physical objective substantial reality, without a "cognizer" of it.

Something which the Zen koan hinted at, while asking ........"If there is no one who heard the sound of the tree falling in the deep forest, did it fall?"

In the dealing with the illusion, taken to be substantive, .......there is definitely individual uniqueness, depending on the operative conditioning-in-the moment, the programming, which is "running" the individual biological computer.

And thus you have this mosiac of relatings, .......relatings termed as "love", as "hate", or "indifference", and the infinite shades and hues in between, dynamically changing from one to the other etc........making up what is termed as Life.

To make it more clear, let's take the concept of "time".

Time is a definitive substantial truth for you.

If you consistently don't reach your work-place in time, chances are, you will be fired.

If you don't move your ass in time, from the path of an oncoming bus, chances are, you will left without one.

However "time" is a total illusion, a notion.


Time is association with the sense of change, of becoming, of alteration, of evolution, isn't it?

Without a cognition of a sense of change, there cannot be a cognition of a sense of time.

If right now you were made to sleep, and kept alive, for 10 years, and then you woke up in the same bed, in the same room, with the same set of relatives, same clicking clock showing the same time, same month, year,...etc etc etc, i.e. there is no perceptable cognition of change for you.......

...you will take on, even the whole world if need be,......... but will not agree that 10 years have lapsed.

So then, how does this sense of time arise?

It arises out of an architecture which is wired to "see" change, movement, becoming.

Imagine a painting 20 mile high and 20 mile long.

You are standing in front of the painting.

Depending on the range of your vision, you can at any moment, .......only see "a" frame of that total painting, ........isn't it?

Whether it is you, or X,Y,Z, the frame may be different, (depending on the conditioning-in-the-moment) but will always remain a frame of the Total painting.

Now you move and another "frame" of that Painting, appears in your vision.

The mnemonic impressions of the "previous" frame, when viewing this "new" frame, enables the cognition of "change" between the two frames.

And thus there is a sense of "becoming", of "evolution", of "progress".

And voila is born the sense of time, duration, in which the change appears to be occuring.

But the Total Painting was already there.

Completed, finished.

The architecture, the particular "hard-wiring", of the manifest object, the "viewer".....enables the consequential cognitions of "change", of "evolution", of "movement" .....

.....and hence the cognition of a sense of space and a cognition of a sense of time, in which this phenomenality appears and is then cognized to be real, to be substantial.

Now expand this symbology to see .................that the Total painting, the Total Picture, ..................includes............ the "standing-in-front- hard-wired, conditioned, programmed viewer" itself.

That you or the billlions making up humanity, as sentient conditioned, physco-somatic responsive objects, ..........have no independent existential reality separated from the Total Picture.

Just like the multitude of the "waves" in an Ocean.

further to that, if you can use yer illusion to some advantage that the rest of humanity hasn't cottoned onto ... ditto.


See above .......

..........advantage for whom?

And who is the "other", .........over whom an advantage is to be sought?

Does not mean, that the Total Picture does not have manifested dreamed-up objects, who are set to be ................"hell bent to make the waters of the river,...wetter"

And thus believe there would be an advantage gained over another dreamed-up character, through such an utilization of the waters of the mirage lake in the desert.

For a hoopla to be a Grand Circus, we need to have a full variety of clowns, don't we?:-)

Thus, a sage, a Buddha (conceptual terms being used for the purpose of this dialogue), ............which are nothing but manifest sentient responsive dreamed-up objects, in which the apperception of the Total Picture has occurred (so to say),.............. is in no way, superior or inferior to another manifest sentient responsive dreamed-up object, in which apperception has yet to occur.

So am I suggesting that give up all that you are doing and lie in front of that bus?


Do with full gusto, with full passion whatever you are "moved" to do in the moment.

The programming of the manifest object, labeled 'Opengl" or whatever is your non-cyber name, will not allow "you" to do anything else in the moment, anyway.

Irrespective of whether society as per their conditioning-in-the-moment, judges that "doing" happening through you, in the moment, as "profound" and "profane".

And quite irrespective of whether consequentially you get rewarded, punished or ignored, by society for that "doing" happening through you, in the moment.

Do whatever you want to do.


And know that both the doing and the resultant consequences of the doing (no consequence, being also a consequence)....

...... are just nuances of the dancing hoopla.........

................. which is not happening

AND.............not, not-happening.

Dooobeee Dooobeee Dooooo



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