20th May 2003


"To find the answer to the question you pose, I ask myself, as I ask you and all else, what is the purpose for existence,


The purpose of whose existence, is being wondered about, questioned?

Should that not be the a priori question, before we get into whether there is a purpose at all, to that existence?

or what purpose does life have?

How would you define the term "purpose"?

The reason, why something is, in order to fulfill a "goal", an "objective"?

ergo, the "goal", "objective" has to perforce be beyond "that" which is to reach the goal?

What is beyond Life, .............which can be the goal of Life?

When I am all that there IS, ...........what can I become, which thus can become a goal for I?

Now this question is not what purpose does life have to individuals, but what purpose does life have concerning life, no more, no less?"

For Life to have a purpose, there has to be something which is not-Life, to serve as a goal and thus define the purpose.

Afraid there ain't any, as the ice cream man said to the kid.

A suggestion for consideration,........ Life has no purpose, no meaning.

There is no "higher" purpose, or "exalted" goal, ........which it serves to reach or attain.

Or to put it in another way, ........Life as living in the moment, ........that is its very meaning, .......for that moment.

Only what is not in completion,...... can have a meaning, a purpose.

Life, ................AS IT IS, in the moment , ...........is in completion.

Moment to moment to moment.



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