What about Impressions? ----------


In the exact instantaneous moment, there isn't any outside from which to receive impressions, nor any past which could supply memories about impressions.

So "consciousness" as the receptor of impressions, doesn't live in the instant, doesn't live as the fact of what is.

The sense that impressions are received (or as is usually called "input")........ is a powerful illusion.

It is time perception, and the agenda of personal survival and survival of the group.

This dynamic derives from the motive to survive as a form.

The energy of the immediate is who one is, and is timeless, and moves at the fastest possible speed, and thus doesn't move.

No form.

Yet although "it" has no form ......"it".........forms.(As-if)

The form is time...........is simultaneously the construction of time and constructed by time.

And with time comes survival, memory, sensory reception and perceptual formation.

As long as the form "captivates" - i.e., seems to be who one is, the "consciousness" that depends on receiving and processing impressions will get taken to be the basis for what is real.