22nd December 2004



Yes, Yes enough.

Neti, Neti. Thats all that needs to be said.

On the contrary, nothing needs to be said.

And yet saying may happen.

I said constructive


Why talk on this web board if all your going to do is
coin new terms for neti, neti?

The old terms were getting to be very boring.

I am no Avatar. I have devotion, as in awareness of perspective. I
have Gnani as not to be fooled by perspective. I have prarabdha
which continues the perspective. And I have the Lila to run out my

If you say so.

I... yes yes, I know. Neti, Neti...

Are you an Avatar?


Is there no perspective.

That there is a presence of a perspective,..... is a perspective.

That there is an absence of perspectives,.... is a perspective.

Am I talking to the
living pure expression of God, the Christ, the Buddha?


Maybe like
Ramakrishna You stay in Bhavamukha and retain an ego to travel the
relative to absolute perspective planes and beyond to non-dual.

Travel is possible only if this is located apart or separate to that.

Relative and the absolute is like the waking and sleeping of a horse.

The horse is standing while awake, the same horse remains standing while asleep.
The waking and the sleeping and the intra-alteration of either states,

do not affect the essential nature of the standing posture.

The relative prespective and the absolute perspective,

the planes of duality and the planes of non-duality, ......

......snortings of that standing horse.

What is an Avatar?

What is not an Avatar?

Om Namah Shivaya


Twameva Karta, Twameva Bhokta

Twameva Shrota, Tawameva Vakta

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