I mean the quality by which you are you and I am I.

And my butt is on the chair but diverse *from* the chair.

The bottom line is, as far as this communication is concerned, it's you, as a person, I'm addressing.

No. You are addressing your idea ...........that you are addressing a person.

OK. Much as I hate to admit it, there's a clear logic that all thoughts/feelings/perceptions are 'mine' in this sense. But it's also clear to say the when I'm addressing my idea that you're a person when addressing you, you're also addressing your idea that I'm a person when you're addressing me.

Biologically, all that is known are states of the organism.

The decision to place certain things outside of "my" organism, and certain sensations, feelings or thoughts inside, is a decision made by the organism, with respect to regulating its own states and thought processes.

There isn't really any outside of the organism that the organism can know.

So, when it places things outside of itself, this is done in imagination only which is really a construction of thought.

The actual fact of perception never involves any outside, just an idea of "the outside" that is occurring "in" the organism, about its own feelings and thought and sensations.

This is why there isn't any separately existing butt and chair.

Because the organism never senses anything separate from itself - if the organism could do that, it would have to somehow bifurcate its awareness and sensing......

...... to be two things and two places at once, sense each of them, and somehow communicate between the two places and things it became ......

.......in a way that could put together a picture in one of those things.

Which really is impossible.

In fact, communication between two truly separate beings would be impossible.

Seeing this .......involves the dissolution of assumptions of "an actually existing outside"....

........ and "thoughts that are reflecting things that exist outside," and a host of related notions.

The notion of "the organism" was formulated in conjunction with the idea of "other organisms," which infers an outside where the other organisms exist.

Since there is no outside....... the notion of "these are states of the organism that it is interpreting" also goes.

All words, in one way or another, imply the notion of "an outside."

As can be seen it's impossible to convey within the medium of words and no wonder such prattlings are so often laughed at and laughed about.

And yet prattlings, communications .........take place.

But communication really doesn't imply two-ness at all.

Quite the opposite.

Anymore that the sensation of sitting means that there is a separately existing butt from a separately existing chair.

Unless that sensation is interpreted by thought in that way and hence the separation existing only in the realm of thought.

And even so, that thought isn't occurring "out there, outside of me," .....

.....nor is the sensation "butt touching chair" occurring outside of me..........

....... so regardless of the thought interpretation.......

....... no separately existing butt and chair were ever contacted

while that interpretation formed.

The profoundity and the profanity that was , so sublime, so disgusting......so real......

...... while the last night sleep-dream drama was unfolding.........

....looked at, awake today morning sipping from a hot cup of tea.