10th March 2004



I understand the witnessing part as long as things are "happening" but what does one do when one has to "take" a decision?


What is a decision, but a selected thought in the moment, is it not?

A choosing, an option, a selecting from the various existing thoughts in the moment.

Some decisions, remain in the arena of mentation, ....some get externally actualized, through the neuro-physio infrastructure of the organism, ..

...into a physical action, a series of actions constituting behaviour.

Now the question, what does one do, when an event or series of happening events, in the moment, brings up a fork, in the way forward, such that a decision is to be taken?

Look at any of "your" past decisions that you believe you had taken.

And unravel that happening which was a decision getting taken, in the moment.

And ascertain, whether there was any independent self, separate from the decision,....... which through it's independent volition, took that decision?

Ascertain, whether for any of the past decisions, was there an independent self taking that decision?

And if the unraveling of any of the past decisions, shows that, while definitely a choosing took place in those moments,...

... in none of the past choices that got exercised,...

.... there was any independent self around,..

. either to take that decision, or to oppose the taking of that decision in the moment, .....

.....then such is also the case, in the moment now, when a decision is contemplated, is it not?  


 Who is the one making the decisions?


So who is choosing the choice in the moment, which appears as a decision getting taken in the moment, is your question.


Decision is a thought.

And all thoughts, along with their possible external actualizations as physical action, are nuances of that one movement, in the moment.

Nuances of one movement, in the moment,....

.... as all the billions and billions of thoughts, decisions, actions,....

... THROUGH the billions and billions of manifest objects, both sentient and non-sentient,..

..... ALONG with the resultant consequences, that such thoughts, decisions, actions, bring about, in the same moment.

Both the action, as mentation or physicality, along with the invoked effect, ....

...constitute the movement....in the moment....

... of Totality, Source, Consciousness, Noumenon, God, Bozo the Clown, Void, Shiva, Donald Duck,.. (whatever term you feel like using)

Moment to moment to moment.

If you are moved to, have a look at, "The Eluding" sited at :



Now the real question is,...... OK great, it's that one movement of some schmuck, but not knowing what decision is to take place, in this moment NOW,.... what does this schmuck do?

Do I pay this bill, do I rob a bank to make that payment, do I make a pass at that beauty,......

do I diligently read spiritual books, and attend satsanghs,

or do I do pornography and go and whoop it up and forget all this spiritual crap,

do I kill myself while trying to progress in life, do I sit down and watch the gurgling river flow by,

do I help the unfortunate, the poor, the deprived, do I console myself by believing it's all their fate and destiny and what the hell, I did not cause all this suffering in the world, anyway.. 

Do I chase a bank balance or do I chase enlightenment...

Do I do this or that?


The answer is extraordinary simple. 

Do whatever you feel like.

Take whatever decision, you feel like taking, in the moment.

Take the decision..... not to take a decision, till more clarity is achieved over the situation in the moment.

And know, that the decision that you believe you are taking, whatever that is,.....in the moment,...

.. cannot come to pass, unless that is meant to be THE nuance of the movement of the BIG SCHMUCK, ........in THAT moment.

And the consequences of that action, whether full of bliss, or whether full of pain/suffering, ....

....THAT TOO....

... could not have come to pass, unless it was part of the ONE movement in the moment. 


There is nothing like a wrong decision.

There is nothing like a right decision either.

As phenomenality, there are only the infinite nuances of the one movement in the moment.

Moment to moment to moment.

They say one way to break the karmic cycle is to 
offer all the fruits to Him. I am having tough time trying to
practice this. 

A particular disposition is conducive to that sense of offering to
You cannot practice that sense of offering.
If it is to happen, it happens, despite "you".

so, no trying is needed on one's part to achieve this?


If trying is to happen, then a manifest object, appropriately conditioned to firmly believe that without trying nothing can be achieved, will be manifested, through whom, trying will continue to happen.

Tryings, efforts, doings, are once again nuances of that one movement.

In the rare and once again appropriately conditioned manifest object, does the apperception, non-volitionally and acausally occur,....

.....that I being the alpha and I being the omega, .........simultaneously, ......

...what is not-I, that I can try to become.

Sure I can play some leelas, to amuse myself, pretending to be the seeker, seeking myself.

And to thicken the plot of the leela,...

... I can even pretend to completely and totally forget, that it's all I, ....

.....as all forms, as all nuances, as all movements, as all movings.......





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