17th June 2003



Hiya MC,




What are your thoughts on death?  I really need some feedback on this one.



Whose death?

Death of what?



The psycho-somatic apparatus, labeled by society as "MC", is an out-growth of a sperm and an ovum doing the

hip-hop at some time in the past, isn't it?


The essence of the sperm and the ovum is the food ingested.

The essence of any food are the 5 fundamental elements of nature.


At the "death" of the psycho-somatic apparatus, either through cremation, or through burial or through being fed to the vultures (if the prevailing ethos was the Zoroastrian faith), the manifest apparatus, returns back to the same elements from which it emerged.


Dust to dust.


So, you need feedback on whose death?


All anxiety about death, is the anxiety of what happens to my lap when I stand up or what happens to my fist when I open my fingers.


Incidentally the body-mind complex does not "die" at some time in the future.


Every moment, every second, it is dying.


The process of dying started at the very conception, at the very hip-hop.


So something which has started  long ago and will culminate sometime in the near future,.........why bother?


What is it to do with you anyway?





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