24th August 2003


The greatest sadness would be in the realization that while all
searching is futile, the searching, in some form or other, has
not yet dropped, not yet stopped.

> -----Why "sadness" in such realization?  Is not the "futile"
> searching also the "appropriate" movement of It?  Is it not also a
> phenomenal represenation of the Great Game?



And often accompanied by sadness.

Till the sadness also drops.


What I am saying Andy, is that there is no deeper anguish, than to realize that anguishing persists.


That is the anguish of a Meera or a Chaitanya.


Which is nothing but the anguish of Girdhar Gopal.


That is why Ramana , who prattled "there is no creation, no destruction", wept copious tears, on hearing the heart-rending tales of a seeker.


An arc, a covenant of completion, separating in order to complete.


A living tree does not share.
It's indifferent to the traveler or to the one who rests under it's shade.
-----Or to the one who cuts it down.


Metaphorically yes.

I am told that now they have scientifically recorded the screams of a tree at the approach of hostility.


Like the sun.
It shines, irrespective of whether it's warmth doles out death or life to the recipient.
> -----Yeah.  Only "we" care.


Yes, because in either, the "we" has a stake to protect.



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