31st May 2003

IS IT POSSIBLE to write a definition of enlightenment that:

         is consistent with definitions in major traditions, and

All major traditions are in fact nothing but concepts.

The real question, is what is this phenomenon called "Enlightenment"

         describes actual enlightened people?

This presumes, that, there are in fact enlightened "people".

Nothing could be more erroneous.

No entity can ever be or has been ever, enlightened.


Yes, in certain body-mind complexes, there has been the non-volitional, acausal "occurrence" where the process of entitification has ended, has been erased.

The "me-entity" is no more........ and thus in such body-mind complexes, there is then no entity, left to affirm, confirm or describe (objectify) the "occurrence".

The popular media may label such body-mind complexes as "Enlightened Masters" or "Sages", but that's all the network rating games.


How about:

Enlightenment is the state in which you are permanently free from identification with your ego.

Who is left to note this freeing from identification?

Freedom from X,Y, Z, .....is still acknowledging the existential reality of X, Y, Z, isn't it?

Does the ego exist, ..............such that there is a state which can be said is freed from the ego?

What is ego?

And why is it supposed the baddest of the baddies?


This means you are free from the normal compulsion to fantasize continuously about people, situations, and objects. You act and think without feeling like a doer or thinker.

Rather than "you act and think without feeling like a doer or thinker" (thinking you are not a doer, you are the doer of this thinking, isn't it), .......

.....there is an apperception, not perception but apperception, .......

.........that all doing is a doing "through" a body-mind complex, including the body-mind complex of the sage, as nuances of the Totality of Impersonal functioning.

In the sage there is an apperception that "We" do not live.

"We" are lived.


You have no anxiety. You usually have no thoughts.

A "sage" is not a lobotomized idiot.

Fear may still arise, but not anxiety.

Anxiety is,..... fear not accepted.

Thoughts may still arise, ..................they are seen a particular form of that same Impersonal functioning "through" a body-mind complex.


There is a profound change in your sense of what "I" means.

Change is a phenomenon within duality.

If I is the Alpha and I is the Omega,.........simultaneously, can we say a change has happened?

The waking horse stands

The sleeping horse also stands.

The changes of waking and sleeping and then waking, ...........does not alter the basic standing attribute of the horse.

Similarly the appearing and disappearing of phenomenality, does not in any way alter the intrinsicity of that whose objective expressings are the appearing and disappearing.

When these things become habitual and effortless, you are enlightened.

A "you" is never enlightened.

The end of the "you", which can only be the end of "me",......... is that-which-IS.

We're not completely satisfied with this definition -- the phrase profound change in your sense of what "I" means is particularly weasely -- and we're hoping you can help us improve it.

The non-volitional, acausal end of the entity which seeks anything, including enlightenment, (however defined),.......... is the state of Dobeeee Dobeeee Doooo.

Even this is a conceptual statement, .........for really neither the un-enlightened seeker( hence having the need to seek enlightenment), neither the seeking, and neither the sought, ..........nothing of all this, has ever taken place.

All fun and games in a dream-sequence.

Not much different to the profound ethos and pathos of your night-sleep-dream.

Awake next morning, sipping from a hot cup of tea, ......

.....what happens to those profound ethos and pathos of last night's dream, which were so real to you, while they were "existing" in your dream, .....

....the ado, the drama of your dream, that made you laugh in joy and weep in despair, cry in sorrow, break out in cold sweat, even sexually ejaculate .....

........all while sleeping soundly.

Sipping from a hot cup of tea, is Enlightenment.





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