22nd May 2003

We have to accept the world as it is revealed to us by our sense organs.

The possibility of accepting the array of cognized objects, ...........arises, if there was the volition to reject it, isn't it?

Otherwise acceptance is an oxymoron.

Do you have any volition, either to accept or to reject?

Or like the cognized objects making up your world, ............the "cognizing subject", is also an observed object?

That is the key to be apperceived.

Belief is like any other habit, an extension of the survival mechanism. When you want to be free from belief,

And the possibility of being free of belief, ........is not a belief?

whatever you do or hope to do to be free from belief adds momentum to it. You cannot control your thought, do what you may.

That is correct.

And since, decision (including "your" decision to have responded to the original post) is once again a thought over which "you" had no volition, ..........the resultant action (i.e. the movement of "your" typing fingers over the key board, to produce that post and its posting through cyber-space, etc), there is no volition over that either.

Thought by itself or in itself is not damaging.

Nothing is.<LOL>

It is only when you want to do something with it, such as trying to achieve something unattainable, that you create a problem.

You create a problem for yourself.

Impersonal functioning, as phenomenality goes its merry way, quite irrespective of your agenda about it.

Sometimes the functioning coincides with the agenda and you go ................."I DID IT"

Most of the time, it does not and you go ......................"I am suffering miserable loser, Life sucks".

"Trying to achieve the unattainable" is not the issue.

The sense of having to achieve, something, anything (whether attainable or unattainable) is the issue.

For that sense of "having to" arises from the sense of separation between what is, and what should be.






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