10th March 2004



What is tough is to be a witness when things are not going as you wish them to.


If there is a sense of a wish, there is a sense of a distinction.

A sense of a distinction can only arise from a sense of entitfication, the sense of "me-Taru".


The witnessing gestalt is when the sense of entitification, the "me-Taru" has ceased.

The term "has ceased" is bit of a hilarity, since that which is supposed to have ceased, never had an apriori existence, for it to actually cease.


 I understand that if one knows the ONE, then one is beyond liking and disliking


There is no one to know the ONE.

There is no one to be beyond liking and disliking.


 but if one is trying to know, how does one react?


Exactly as you are moved to react.


Scream, shout, laugh, cry, agonize, smile, remain indifferent, sulk,....


....or witness, the entire hoopla of actioning-reactioning that is occurring in the moment, THROUGH a  manifest conditioned psycho-somatic object.


Moment to moment to moment.


 When one feels like one is stuck, one starts praying or asking for help. Who is that whose help is sought?


The feeling that one is stuck, is the hoopla of the conditioned mind.


And depending on the particular conditioning prevailing in the moment, the conditioned mind will also throw up and firmly believe it's own creation, ......


.....that the repository of all help is either  Lord Krishna, Lord Ramesh or Lord Advaita.





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