30th April 2004



I am in a dream. I see those around me who are close to my heart as I am also close to them. So close are we that nothing else matters. Not even the heaven or the earth for it may break out but not our relationship, our bond, our faith in each other, our love for each may never even have a touch of rust in it. This is the conviction of love my dream envisaged.

During my dream after some course of time, it is I, the primary dreamer which encompasses me came to the realization that this is all but a dream.


Which means, that there is a seeing that all the dreamt up characters, INCLUDING that dreamt oneself,.........are nothing but puff,.......wisps of imaginations.

OK, let's proceed further.



 A dream which while dreaming is all about those I feel most ease with, those that matter the most, those that make my heart beat every time, those who enchant me from the very depths of my existence. Such was the nature of the dream that it being so vivid finally broke down to the realms of my mind & I of all people could see it all so clear. More clear than ever before, more clear than the bright sun shine, more clear than the most preciously cut diamond that all those hearts beats around me were but the echo of mine own. Beating with the ever more anticipation of being heard, of being recognized, of being known, of being felt once but remembered always.

Now, I told every other person in my dream that it is but a dream & I being the primary dreamer has the ability or the power to end it any moment. But a realization being so personal & subjective in nature didn’t convince them, for they thought that my mind was merely playing tricks with me



A awakened being is usual considered a nut case by the rest of the audience.



 which I erred to have considered as a realization, for realizations are an echo of truth. I asked them that whether I could end the dream? I did so coz it was not real after all, or even it was real for them, it was no more for me coz there a reality outside this. A reality to which I belong, unlike the dream’s reality which belongs to me, the dreamer.


Even this "reality outside the dream-reality",...........how about seeing it as mere excitement within that same dream?

They being close to my also gave me enough reason to stay back in the dream coz after all their being happy with the continuation of the dream & hence their existence also gave me enough happiness. Enough to fill my heart so much so that the truth doesn’t call me. This is the truth of the self. In a way, the ‘truth of the other’ potentially masking the ‘truth of the self’. Now, the question lies whether my urge to truth stands more value to me than my urge for all others in my dream, who’s every sentiment matters to me. But does it matter more than my urge for truth?


If there is a conflict, if there is a differential value, as you suggest,..............the nature of the dream has yet to be apperceived.

For it's only when the existential reality of two things is accepted, that a differential value can be ascribed to either of them.


It's like, debating whether the water in the non-existent glass in your hand will slacken your thirst, or is it better to partake the waters of the mirage lake in the desert.




When I conceive of my near & dear ones in my dream, I do so based on the facts I perceived about them in real life, that is, they in order to be perceived as who & what they are has be how they really are. So, I don’t have any control in the way they are created in my dream, altho’ I do have control on who are created, that is if I want to have an image of my mother, I can chose that instead of having an image of my dad, but once I chose an image of my mom, I have to recreate the image of my mom as per the facts of real life pertaining to her, coz otherwise how will the image be of my mom. So how much control do I have on the dream that I can call it my dream & have the power to end it as per my wishes?


How much volition, control, choice, does a dreamt-up character have in any part of the dream, whether it is the sleep-dream drama or the waking-dream drama?



Correlative to the above is the fact that when I dream I don’t consciously choose the structure & content of my dream, it just happens.



As much as the sleep-dream drama.

As much as the waking-dream drama.



 Then whoever’s image is created is done so by some mental act which is not volitional & once the choice is made of whoever will be created it has to be accordance with facts pertaining to that character or thing as per the real life perceived by me, the dreamer. Now, the characters & things being who & what they are will & has to act as they do in real life coz how else can they be then perceived by me as what they are images of. But this is not always so, as people & things in dream don’t always act in a way similar to that of in reality.



That might well be so.

The loving mother, may not be quite so loving in the dream.


 When we wake up from the dream we being conscious of the reality around us are at instant brought to the way things & people are in reality & it is then that we perceive some events & facts of dream as being or acting in a way non-confirming to reality, thus, we conclude those events & facts to be irrational & that is why human imagination is considered to be irrational.


Say's who?




 But if it really would have been so, or if rationality would have been something canonical, then we would have also perceived the things to be irrational & hence became conscious of the unreal nature of reality, all these - while we are dreaming! As rationality & reason is based on logic & logic being based on the nature’s nature to repeat things & events & as dreams depict a reality that is solely out of the workings of the human mind, the logic in such dreams are also different, hence, the rationality inside a dream is also different & hence, the things & events in a dream act according to the logic of the dream world.




For example time.

A drama of a life time of 70-80 years in dream time, may enfold, in a sleep of couple of hours.


The causal tenets of the sleep dream sequence maybe vastly different to that of the waking-dream sequence,.........but the real issue (so to say) is to apperceive, that both the dream-world with it's logic, rationality and causality,..............and the waking-dream-world, with it's own logic, rationality, causality,.................both do not exist, without the existence of the dreamer in either case.


The mind cannot deny the reality it has created as the dream-world, while dreaming.

Neither can it deny the reality it has created as the waking-world, while it is awake.


And both are puff.


That sleep-dream-world and the dreamer,..................as well as the awake-dream-world and the wake entity,........


......both arise together, both dissipates together.


Along with all the loved ones and the unloved ones.

Along with all the sentiments, emotions, rationalities, logic, et al.



And that which appears and disappears in time, that which exists in duration,.........is not the reality that you are.


Now, after all said & done, what do I do: “Do I put an end to my dream or do I stay back in my dream so that my near & dear ones in the dream don’t get hurt?”


If the question arises,............it's all clever writing,................no apperception of the dream- drama has taken place.


When I told my near & dear ones that I was willing to put an end to my dream then they accused me of being selfish coz I was primarily considered of my being in a dream world & not giving due importance to their sentiments. Is this true?




I brood the whole day, remembering the insult, my neighbour hurled at me, in the last night sleep dream.

And by after noon, I am so mad, that I pick up an iron rod to smash that asshole's head and scour the neighbourhood for the blighter.

How dare he sully my good name?

Tho’ it is I that created them, still they have their independent selves’ coz without that they won’t be them in the dream.



In your dream,........you, as well as all the characters both animate and inanimate,.........are all figments of your imaginations.


A statement which off course, can be made by any sentient organism.




 Also, I wasn’t consciously involved in their creation in my dream, that is, their images just came to my mind while I was sleeping. With this, can I claim that they belong to me?


Yes and No.

Yes, because without you, they don't exist.

No, because even you are a dreamt-up character.

If they don’t belong to me, can I put an end to them & their very existence in the dream world?


"You" cannot.

But yes, you and your cognized world (whether the dreamt or waking),..................does end in time.


Every night.

In the state of what is referred as deep sleep.


And re-emerges, either as the dreamt world or the waking world, with the re-appearing of you the entity.




If I take my urge for truth in the world outside the dream world to be of primary importance then am I not selfish enough to give up the truth pertaining to the dream world to the truth pertaining to the world outside the dream world? Coz I belong to the world outside the dream & hence live in that & hence will be affected by that? I, I, I & I! So many I’s & still I am not selfish? Are truths of higher & lower degree?



Neither does Truth belong to either of your created imagery.


When I am perceiving something my reality is limited to that only, so isn’t my reality that for the time being? Then how & why will I put an end to this reality for another reality?



You cannot.

Can any one ever say that one reality is better than the other? If so, then on what basis?


There are no degrees of reality.

Yes, depending on the conditioning-prevailing-in-the moment, there can be degrees of the "take" on reality.

Out of all these, the final & the most crucial question that stands above all to me is that:



Your trying to put an end to the dream, is part of the very dream.




The very question becomes a hilarity,..............when Truth is apperceived.


Till that time, by all means play around.




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