4th January 2004


In the silence I allow awareness to focus on awareness...in the one,

That awareness in which there is an "allowing" agency,.....is not awareness.

but I have a question.

Not surprising.

An "allowing" agency will always have a question.

Awareness, being when there is nothing to be aware of,.......... and thus no one
to be aware.............what questions can arise in awareness.

In the maya can be perceived the material,astral,causal,mental,and etheric worlds...soul/awareness
being the only one that is truly real,but if the goal of an adavaita
student is achieved

A true apperception of Advaita, is the end of all goals and ergo the cessation
of the very seeking to achieve any goal.

can the student or master then make a choice and
have the ability to enter into these planes at will which would be proof to oneself of being unlimited?

In a gestalt of apperception,.........no difference remains with the
material/astral/mental/etheric worlds,..........all such "worlds" seen to be
projections of the conditioned mind, knowledgeable of such "worlds".

Whatever you see or experience is created, by the knowledge you have, of that
which is being seen or experienced.

Thus the material hoopla, the astral hoopla, the mental hoopla, the etheric

This is a good question concerning being unlimited by still having choice of free will although one is aware of the self being one.

In a true apperception of Advaita,............. is the total irrelevance of
terms like "limited", "unlimited", "destiny", "free will",....

...even the term of "ONE" is meaningless.

For a true apperception of Advaita,..............is the end of the very concept
of Advaita.





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