25th May 2003

I read something recently from the "beedi dude" that puzzled me and I
wonder if you (or others) would care to comment. Reincarnation is a
concept believed in by many in this world but not one that I would
have associated with teachers of Advaita. This quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj threw a different light on the concept however......

The memory of the past unfulfilled desires traps energy, which
manifests itself as a person. When its charge gets exhausted, the
person dies. Unfulfilled desires are carried over into the birth.
Self identification with body creates ever fresh desires and there is
no end to them unless this mechanism of bondage is clearly seen. It
is clarity that is liberating, for you cannot abandon desire unless
its causes and effects are clearly seen. I do not say that the same
person is reborn. It dies, and dies for good. But its memories
remain and their desires and fears. They supply the energy for
a new person

Many responses, to your poser.

Two cents from this side, tossed into that coin collection.:-)

Fulfilled/unfulfilled desire, memory .......are essentially thoughts.

Thought, is seen by neuro-science and quantum physicists (those who are working on the convergence) as a "collapse" of a particular wavicle (wave-particle), representing a particular possibility, from that Quantum Field of ALL wavicles, from that Infinite Field of ALL possible possibilities.

A collapse, would essentially be the objectivization of a subjective potentiality, isn't it?

With the cessation of the apparatus, the "death" of the biological computer, the animating consciousness, in the identified form, reverts back to Impersonality, along with all the "collapses", reverting back to the "pool".

Reverting back also is a corruption, for that connotes something getting added back to the Source, from which it arose.

Hence not really reverting, but subjectivity losing the gestalt of objectivity.

i.e. when you pick up a "wave" from the Ocean, in your palm, you do not have the "wave".

You have the Ocean.

Thus the Quantum Field, once again collapses in different manifested apparatuses, according to the conditioning of the particular object.

And the circus continues.

Essentially the Beedi dude, was negating the popular bromide of a personal self, incurring karma, etc and being subject to the endless cycle of life and birth to sort out the accumulated karmas.

Karmas, accumulated over a million lifetimes (as per that bromide) will need another million life-times to balance them out and in the process of balancing, you incur more karmic debts, .......................round and round the mulberry bush........ the odds are better for Northern and Southern Ireland getting together than this process ever getting completed.

You see, dudes have to talk in the language of the particular audience in front of him/her.

An age old conviction of a personal self, ........doing the rounds, ........needed an appropriate negating concept.

Outside that moment, outside that audience in that moment, .......that particular concept has no meaning, no relevance.

Same for any concept prattled by any dude, to any body, at anytime, anywhere, ever.

When asked once by one of his Western students puzzling over Buddist teachings of egolessness, "Well then, if there is no self, what is it that reincarnates?"

The Master and answered without hesitation.

"Neurosis," he replied

The Universe is just one of the infinite thoughts of God or Bozo the Clown.

The night- sleep- dream is based on the gestalt of cause and effect,exactly as the day-waking- dream.

There is not even an iota of difference, between the two dreams.

Just as one's dream in sleep exists nowhere but in the mind (both as cause and effect) so does the Universe, as a cause-effect continuum, exist only in the mind of the Infinite Bozo the Clown.

What absurdity, that you think you have an independent existential reality to seek this or that.

What absurdity, that you think you have an independent existential reality, to cease seeking, if seeking is what runs you.

What absurdity, the premise,....... that Bozo the Clown, ever thinks.







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