19th May 2003



perhaps so... who knows...?

There is knowingness, ........there is no "who" to know.

in any case, let's enjoy life, love and laughter.


But without the occurrence of apperceiving, .............all enjoyment, all love, all laughter are only temporary band-aids covering the underlying silent scream of anguish, of fear, of insecurity.

Invite you to see whether any of your enjoyment, any of your love any of your laughter, is not a relational bargain.

In unicity (using a conceptual term for the purpose of this dialogue), you don't love an "other".

You ARE the other.


Very good . It is indeed relational. Conquering that "Fear and Trembling unto Death" is for me awareness that I am a murderer, regardless my pacifism, I kill the Other and feel pain for it.

Or may I suggest.......... violence takes place through "M", as a sentient responsive instrument, irrespective of whatever are the particular beliefs about violence, existing in this object, in that moment.

A pacifist may be eating only roots and berries, but he or she still eats Life.

Life is "violence" (without any negative connotation), for Life can only exist by imbibing Life.

On the gates of the Game Reserve at Serengeti, Tanzania,....... is a small worn out, termite eaten placard, in which fading etched letters read........"In Serengeti, there is no malice, nor any remorse".

I see the twisted ways of subjugation and am an unwilling participant, being born white in the USA, starving agrarian cultures by means of our agribusness, politics and bombs. Yet the poor and our religious politicos are too stupid to stop having babies and to stop the Thirst not by quenching it over and over but by understanding the the origin of Thirst.

The origin of Thirst and the expressing of the Thirst, .....whether as subjugation or as freeing from subjugation, ...........are all nuances of the same Perfection, nuances as the particular movements in the moment.

The apperception of this, does not mean you do not oppose subjugation, whatever be your conception of it.

Or for the matter ,whatever else you are moved to do, in the moment.

What you do, or what you cease to do, (and their resultant consequences) are once again "doings" happening through/to "M" as an instrument of divinity.

In the moment.

Moment to moment to moment.

It is the Wanting for Expansionism that is the error.

May I suggest for your consideration M, there is no "error" in phenomenality.

As phenomenality, there is only functioning, as such,........

.......in the moment functioning happens.

And thus can only be appropriate (to use a term) to the moment in which it happens.

"Inappropriateness", "wrong", "right", "good", "bad", "moral", "ethical", "sinful", are all relational judgements.

Relational "takes" which have as much to do with the occurring functioning in the moment, ..................as the crowing of the rooster early morning has to do with the rising of the sun (which in fact does not rise)

Of course phenomenality, itself being a conceptual conjecture, ..........any movement within a conceptual conjecture, ............cannot perforce be anything but conceptual.

Be it progeny, fame or fortune that suffocates the Other in this limited physical world.


That appears to be the case, of the world today.

However, why do you assume that the perpetuation of civilizations is a guaranteed "given"?

Has not humanity "disappeared" in the past?

As Swami Beyondananda says "Peace is already the case.Now whether humans are to be around to enjoy that peace, the jury is still out on that one".


Childless and many years homeless, this body now lives in peace and security.

Not Wanting has brought bountiful gifts with no struggle except to understand and overcome animal instinct.

I did not "become" IT today by those 700 LSD trips or those 4 years on the street or those 7 years of meditating "Thou shalt not Want", nor by other popular yogas.


Experiences, .............whether chemically induced, or environmentally induced or consequences of meditation, devotion, charity or other "good" doings or even through the "divine transmissions of grace" by Gurus, Masters, etc etc etc, .................are "events" in time.

That which appears in time, will disappear in time.

No experience, no matter how profound, even Samadhi,........is thus of any worth.

I became IT, simply because I always was IT, and today I am more mature and Realize IT.

M, I cannot become or know or realize, ................what I already am, ....can I?

I can only know or realize, what I am not.

And there being nothing that I am not, ...........is any knowing ,......... anything more than concepts, ...............anything more than signatures on flowing waters?

Yes, in a phenomenal sense, ..........signings on flowing waters........... do occur.

This Universe, this infinite phenomenality,.............one tiny signature.

In the very signing, ..........is its erasing.



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