11th June 2003


What is measuring? What does it mean to measure? Calling something as good is
measurement. Calling something as nice is measurement. Naming something as
evil is measurement. Making judgements is measurment. So what is
measurement? Measurement is a process of coming to conclusions and then
thinking from those conclusions.

Yes measurement,.....the sense of distinction .........and lo behold the world.

Asking if the mind can stop measuring or asserting that it can or it can't
are wrong questions.

Waaaal, not "wrong", but just mind-stuff.

Incidentally the "right" question, is also just mind stuff.<LOL>


 Stoping measurement is not a problem at alll. The real
problem iis why are we measuring?

Because "you" as a sense of entity is itself a consequence of "a" prevailing sense of distinction.

And that is why, that's all you can do,.....measuring away in all your glory.

Even when you believe you have stopped measuring.


 Why do we come to these conclusions? In
another post of mine we saw how my considering xyz as a good or bad person
destroys the relationship between me and xyz.

It does not.

The relating gets coloured by the prevailing conditioning of what is to be "good" or "bad".

A hatred is as much a perfect relating as much as a relational-bargaining labeled "love".

However the deeper issue is that the very question of relating appears, ..........from the measuring or sense of distinction that there is a "me" as separate from "xyz".

That is the crux, not how the relating subsequently gets coloured.

All relatings will be "coloured" relatings.

What is the basis of the birth of relating is the real McCoy.

In unicity (using a conceptual term, for the purpose of this dialogue),..........you don't love an other.

You ARE the other.

That is why for the "true sage", .........there is no "other", ............either to be instructed, guided, or enlightened.


 (We can go into it again if
there is interest) The most important thing is to see how the conclusions
are destroying the relationship. If one sees the truth in this then he drops
forming conclusions without any effort on your part.

Unless the truth of the "me" is apperceived, R., you will drop one set of measuring tools for another, but will remain within the hoopla.

The presence of the "me" is measuring.

 This seeing truth will free you from meauring.

Well, not free you, ..............but the cessation of all measuring will coincide with that apperception.

There is no "you" to be freed, R..

This has to be apperceived.


Not your desire to do it.

It is the truth that sets us free, not our desire to be free.

Truth is the apperception, that the assumed bondage, from which freedom was sought, ..............that assumption, was...................... a mere assumption.

There is no liberation, as there was no bondage in the first place.

Both the terms, liberation/bondage,.............being relevant only to an entity,

................the end of entitification, ......

.....is the cessation of the relevance of both the terms.





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