28th May 2003

It seems to me a constant challenge to de-anthropomorphize "IT".

Not having much English, I had to find out what "anthropomorphize" meant.

I was told.....anthropomorph, verb : to anthropomorphize, noun : an object to which has been attributed human form or personality

Yes, D.

What else can you do with the unknown but try and fit into a known.

What if,
"IT" were just a beat, on/off, on/off, on/off......."just" a pulsation.

The pulsating dumroo of Shiva.

Even when Shiva lays in front of a rampant Kali, and she steps on him, the remorse dissipating her cosmic rant, ........the groaning Shiva (Kali having stepped on some delicate areas), .......does not let go of his dumroo.

The ancients *named* the sound of it OM.....

Not of it.

It ...self.

For half a century, science assumed the nature of the fundamental energy, the quanta ....as light.

The mystics have always hinted it to be sound, (Anhat Nad, the unstricken sound) something which is being recognized , in Science, in the last decade or so.

Despite what it looks, there is a symphony going on.

When the rhythm in the individual brain, converges with Universal Rhythm, the resonance......

then, of course, as per human nature, went on from there to elaborate.....


That is the nature of the self, the nature of the entity, the nature of the mind.

In description, in elaboration, it assumes is it's security.

Aka, when you come across a profound writing, or a speech or a sight, ..........the immediate thought is who wrote it, who said it, etc.

Somehow a human format has to frame that happening into a known format, ..

......and then the mind breathes easier.

Let it be aliens, but by God, let it be someone, .......something.


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