14th May 2003

Our ordinary minds are too cluttered to appreciate what you are saying. Only a profoundly still mind can begin to understand you. Is this not so?

Stillness of mind is an oxymoron.

There is no such thing as stillness of mind.

This is another trick created by the mind in its demand to be free.

What is there is the constant demand to be free.

Which is nothing but thought.

Nothing else is there.

How can you, and why should you, be free from memory? Memory is absolutely essential.

The issue is not having a memory, but the tendency to use memory to further your "spiritual" interests, or as a
means to find happiness.

Ergo, the believed spiritual path, whether it is Bhakti or Jnana, ...........or .........the means for happiness, whether profane or profound,.......... is nothing but the projection of the mind, as per its intrinsic conditioning-in-the-moment.

This intrinsic conditioning-in-the moment, the constantly fluctuating entity termed as "me", is a collation of both the inherited genetic legacy as well as the form of nurturance, which is stored as mnemonic impressions.

A patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease has no memory or relatively less memory.

So is an Alzheimer's patient, a sage?


A sage, has an instrument, a body mind complex, like any other instrument, which definitely has memories and thus conditionings, , ..... which in fact makes the sage leap, fairly rapidly, out of the path of an onrushing bus.

Or to compose haikus.

Or to remain silent.

Or to engage in dialectic prattlings.

The world might label that instrument as a "profound sage", but there is only a witnessing to this labeling, as well as the "doings" of that labeled instrument, moment to moment to moment.

There is nothing to know.

For there is no one to know.

However the statement that "there is nothing to know", is an abstraction to you, because you think you know.

Or think that knowing is THE path to salvation.

To you not knowing is an acutely disturbing prospect.

What is there is not "not-knowing" but a belief projecting,.......... that the state of "freeing yourself from the known" .......is a highly desirable state.

And should be achieved, come what may, through whatever means, surrendering to whichever Guru for that Shaktipat.

There have been so called enlightened Masters/Gurus who went on and on about being free from the known, for the unknown to penetrate.

Not knowing that the very desire to be free from the known, is the antic of the known.

Your demand to be free from the known is the one that is creating the problem.

As long as the notion of "I ought to be this" is there, you will always create the "not-this".

And thus remain in the split, the division, the separation.

So it is the fantasizing about a non-existent ideal person, society, or state that dooms and fixes me where I am. My belief in what I am not determines what I in fact am. Is that it?


It determines what you think you are.

A "sadak", ...........a "spiritual seeker", .........a "Shakta", ..........a "Shaivite", .......a "Bhakta", .............an "advanced meditator".............a "Jnani", ..........."one who is enlightened", .........."one is enlightened Saviour and needs to save the heathens".

Or on the other end of the scale,

a ..........."victim of hostility", .............."worthless", ............."one who has made his/her life by the sheer dint of personal will and effort"

And it these assumed masks, which then run you by creating the very goal-icons, .........your Gods and Godesses.

As the dude in the diaper, when asked about the reality of the millions of Gods and Goddesses, answered "they are as real as you".

Interestingly the word "personality" comes from the Greek word "persona" which means a mask.

I am now completely confused. What should I then do?


Confusion is an excellent state to be in.

You may do whatever you wish, in the moment.

Whatsoever, that you are moved to, in the moment.

Including, examining what is the stake in wanting to do that "something", whatever that "something" is.

If you are so moved.

That's it?

That's it.





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