> Hi. Well i saw threads on "recovering NOWists" and all that and i'm just wondering if it's possible to recover from nondualism, ie. to feel like a separate self again, with body and mind in time, a little me (if anyone knows what i mean) and all that. The reason i ask is because a lot of areas of life, in my case, being a student require a "little me" and a sense of time, ie. being in time and a mind in time i.e. i have to do this, that etc which is largely absent in nondualism. It's just that with this state i feel it's quite tedious annoying getting things done i.e. studying, it takes much longer for me for some reason to read articles, study etc, like your mind isn't totally focused for some reason (and maybe less intelectually inclined) and there's nothing really pushing you anyway to do anything. Like it's just always "now" and time has lost all meaning ie you don't feel like you're in time so it's hard to budget it etc.
> Is there a way undo all this or no?


The writer essentially expresses that with the loss of the "me", he still finds himself having to need to keep time, deliver assignments all of which require time keeping and thus the sense of the "me" for whom time has to exist.
Aka, shouting from the roof tops, "I do not exist, there is no myself " etc etc what do I do with the payable bills which arrive at the 1st of the month?
Thus, how to recover from the fever of non-duality, or at least keep the beast away when it is not very convenient or practical?
An occurrence can be reversed (or negated) by another occurrence.
An experience may be invalidated by a completely different experience of the same elements (about which the previous experience).
Knowledge can be and is reversed by new knowledge of the same subject.
That is typically held to be evolution.
A deeply held -over decades viewpoint can be reversed.
An idea can be reversed, negated ......
.......and whether it is an experience, knowledge, viewpoint, understanding, realization........these are all wiggles in the domain of ideation.
If truly there is an apperception (to use one more ideated term) of Advaita, the clarity will reveal that it cannot be an an occurrence which when recorded becomes an experience or a state of existing.
The oxymoroness is evident in such conclusions or assertions.
As a precept to be propounded, which thus needs to be defined............Advaita is a display of baloney unmatched by any other display of baloney.
What is so.......cannot be conceived as so....... by even that very is-ness/so-ness and thus the ideated pointing of awareness-not-aware of awareness.
Thus it is not that a "me" has come to realize the not-me-ness and now sees that in some situation the not-me-ness causes functional problems and practical difficulties.
The sense of a gestalt of all that-is-perceived and the issues posed by some elements of that gestalt, needs the sense of the "me-observer" of that gestalt AND the sense that the gestalt of all that is perceived is apart and separate and discreet to the sense of the "me-observer".
Thus the very sense of an issue to be resolved/addressed is the very prevailing sense of the separation, thereby displaying that Advaitic precepts have been studied, maybe even understood/experienced/realized etc etc.....
...but nothing more than that, i.e. it is still  within the domain of ideation,  within the field of mentation.

Thus the issue  how to live life, which is teeming with stuff like keeping to time, appointments, time bound tasks, when I have been boning up from the treatise of Yoga Vashistha on the timelessness of it all.

The apperception, which is really never of, thus to say apperception of Advaita is a misnomer........apperception is never at the level of ideation.

And since the biological sentient, body mind object in which prevails the sense of self, ego/me etc etc.......is another mere wiggle in the domain of ideation, apperception does not occur at or in the level of the body-mind object.

Now the above prattling is as much teeming with ideas as any other Vashishtha, Ramana, Nisargadatta or Lady Gagga screechings at different media junkets.
Idea of something as "apperception" to denote the perceiving without a perceiver thereof....
...idea of "not at a level of".......which creates the idea of "levels", of some level being higher/different than other...
....idea of "does not occur at or in"......which creates the idea of non-occurrence, which implies an occurrence at some other level.
Idea of an "at" or "in" which are really ideas of loci.
Idea of "gestalts", of "arrays of perceived, including one's own very body-mind object with a label".
Idea about something as "ideation" itself.

The silence,.....
.... which is not the defining of silence by thought as whatever be the idea of silence ....
.....and yet which includes and is ..........all ideas of silence.

So from and as that silence, how does the payable bills get resolved with timelessness/no-me-ness.
The passing through the eye of the needle is the seeing that resolution is not needed at all.
Apperception is all ready the case, irrespective of the changing content of the gestalt of-the perceived.
Thus the sense of identification which co-creates the sense of investment in some aspect of the gestalt of the perceived, ...

....say having to work to give an assignment within some boundary of clock time....

..... striving to collect some pieces of paper(legally or illegally) in order to keep the payable bill collectors serene....
....planning for all such abilities/results to be achieved.....
.....the entirety of such happenings do not aid, abet, reduce, alter, hamper, dissipate......
......affect in any manner whatsoever the what is so as apperception.

Neither, what is so.......is effected nor affected.
And it is this very un-effected-ness and un-affected-ness which allows the possibility of all hues, manners, shapes, states of display as the gestalt of that which is perceived.

Including the age old hackneyed debate on the need of practice/need of no-practice, displays of objects-undergoing tremendous and estoric work to receive acclaims and labels of enlightened Gurus, Gurus who railed against all forms of authority for 6 decades and yet at the deathbed dictates that after death, nobody else is to have the authority on his teachings, thereby inferring the very authority..........

........the whole fun and games from time immemorial.

So to address the writer who has to submit an assignment within time.......set a alarm bell, do whatever is believed is necessary to complete the assignment within that time set by the alarm bell........and go attend a Lady Gaga gig.

Or go to sleep.

Whatever one is moved to, knowing that whatever that gets played out to be  the outcome on the status of the assignment, nothing gets effected or affected by nothing else.

The object Nisargadatta was a remarkable display.

Most of the mutterings attributed to that object were translations of his satsangh sessions which was a 4 way pony act via translators.
The conditionings of the translators are evident in the available records of the mutterings, "I AM THAT" being the very example.

I believe there is only one book which was written by the Beedi dude and which subsequently was edited by Jean Dunn, the original tile being AtmaGyan aur AtmaBodh.(Self Knowledge and Self Realization)

An extract from that blog of ideation.....
.....which is appropriate to that being prattled in this post.
The name and form of the spiritually enlightened Saint experiences the pangs and

sorrows of life, but not their sting. He is neither moved nor perturbed by the pleasures and pains, nor the profits and losses of the world. He is thus in a position to direct others. His behavior is guided exclusively by the sense of justice.

The temporal life must continue, with all its complex interactions, but the Saint is ever aware that it is only the pure consciousness that is expressing itself in different names and forms, and it continues to do so, in ever new forms.

To him, the unbearable events of the world are just a tame and harmless affair; he remains unmoved in world-shaking events.

  At first people, through pride, simply ignore him, but their subsequent experiences draw them toward him.

  God, as justice incarnate, has neither relations nor belongings of His own; peace and happiness are, as it were, His only treasure.

  The formless, divine consciousness cannot have any thing as its own interest.

  This is the temporal outline of the Bhakta.

The lack of stings is the already universal case.
It is not that only Saints do not get stung.
The "felt stings" in it's infinite variations......are all felt by the son of the barren woman.