Hi Sandeep,



A few comments on some of what

you've said:




For one through whom the laughter has arisen,....


.....the terms Jnana, Guru, Realizer,

and their counterparts, as delusional, egotistical, charlatan,.......


......none of these bestowed distinctions, have any relevance.


For it's only to a prevailing sense of the entity,.........that such distinctions, (whether applied to itself or to somebody else),........has a relevance.





What you are describing here is truly

nondual in nature.


Something of which I've had  glimpses....

or 'tastes'.


The moment I begin speaking, however,

that perspective falls away.   Through

speaking and interacting with people,


or just thinking,


the sense of 'other' re-appears.


From what I'm hearing you say here,

and below, is that in a Sage, there is no

more appearing and disappearing

of the sense of 'other-ness'?


Is that something that comes with

time, after a realization [such as

you describe],


or is it immediate?





The Primal laughter is in the moment.


To clarify one aspect,............the biological organism which has been labeled "sage" by the adoring audience or the popular media of the day,.......if continuing to be alive, remains as a distinct separated object.


That is,.... the biological organism, if it continues to be "alive",.. continues to exist in duality, functioning as per it's innate intelligence, with the remnants of the conditionings, ..........playing out it's allotted role.




Suggesting that the movement as "neti neti",...............finally negates the "negator".




Ok.  Gotcha.





The Ocean, enjoying the beauty of all the inter-playing waves,..............while simultaneously being each of the uniquely differentiated "waves".




The Ocean simultaneously  *being*  each of

the uniquely differentiated "waves"?


OK.  This really strikes me.


It strikes me in the context of looking at

things that I may like or don't like.


It gives rise to the musing:


Do preferences and aversions arise

out of a sense of separation?


Or does the sense of separation

arise out of our preferences and



A kind of chicken and egg kind

of question.


They both arise together, they both dissipate together.

There is no linear cause-effect continuum.





That realization which has not hollowed the log completely and totally,...........is no realization.



What is it then?







Except that it's not a chiseling out, bit by bit of the core of the log.


It's an instantaneous recognition of the very nature of the  log.



I hear what you're saying here, and what

you said thereafter.


What I want to stop and be clear on,


is that your saying


"it's not a chiseling out bit by bit",


is not contradicting what you said above

about "neti neti" finally negating the



Could you elaborate a bit on the




The ado of all becomings, all negatings,...... within the dream-sequence, ............thus a process within dream-time.


The awakening in the instant, to sip from a hot cup of tea, .




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