Is Enlightenment a spontaneous experience? What will it take to wake me up?

An experience can be spontaneous or a gradual  enfolding in time.
Thus can be noted, observed, related to, described  and maybe duplicated.

Enlightenment  is not an experience, not a  causal event within time.

Thus being un-referential, ........neither the term spontaneous nor gradual can  be attributed.

Nor even the term "enlightenment".

The  need to ascribe attributes is the attempt of the mind/self to get a fix on this thingy which the mind/self itself has created i.e. Enlightenment.

In the pursuit of the fixing is the very existence and perpetuation of the mind/self.

All definings(and all ascribed attributes are definings) are confabulations of the known about the known.

A cul-de-sac.

For the known can never meet the unknown.
Never can taste the unknowable.

Whatever be the experience, no matter how profound, it's just projections of the known.

Faced with the proposition that something is neither spontaneous nor a gradual causal process in time, the mind/self flounders
with either a defensive reaction(after all the known has to seek to protect itself) or it poses the question....


In the absence of further fuel for the known....... is it's .......poof.

Which is neither spontaneous nor gradual. :-)
So definition and understanding are two different things, our need to define becomes part of the 
The understanding(to use a mere term) is that....... what Truth can be  defined, explained, expounded, pointed within a gestalt which is itself
 a falsity.
Two dreamt up characters in your last night dream are expounding,  defining the shape of your nose. 
Both of them back their respective positions with their respective  mind-sense perceived experiences.
One has had a spontaneous revelation of the shape of your nose, the  other's revelation was a gradual strip-tease show.
No matter how profound, how compelling the discourse............the two characters, along with their supporting experiences well as the surrounding audience.... all dream fluff isn't it?

How can you be so confident? How can you be so confident that it is all just a dream?
I wish I had your self-confidence, to make that statement without any shred of a doubt.
If this is all just a dream, what will it take to wake me up?
The traffic noise and the horning sounds of a million trucks at the same time?
On a serious note: What will it take to wake me up?

In quietude.......the issue of the dream AND the issue of waking up from the dream........are apperceived to be akin signatures on flowing waters.

The apperception that...... in their very appearing their disappearing.

The apperceiving that the very thought of "How to awaken from the dream" ..
....and the accompanying sense of a "thinker"  articulating that thought...
...(or for that matter any thought) .......whether profound or profane......

......are not separate from the dream.

Thereby making the very issue of awakening from the dream...
......a non-issue.

The resolution of a question, any question is never by an answer, any answer.....

.... but in the dissolution of the sense of the "questioner-entity".

.quietude......which is not a resultant state of a technique, methodology, practice, prescription or an explanation.

Since there is no casual linkage to the advent of this stillness(to use a mere phrase).....

.....a term "Grace"  has been used.

Which means Sandeep, that no matter what I do, no matter how much I try, no matter how many years pass by, no matter how many questions get asked, I'am only perpetuating "myself"?

The permutations and combinations of the repository of the known.

Can you pose a question about something about which you have no clue whatsoever?

Can you search for something about which you have no clue whatsoever?

So in order to stop perpetuating "myself", I should not try anything or do anything or i should not constantly question my existence in order to achieve the "truth" (whatever that may be)....

I should.....

I should not......

Is there any real difference between the two shoulds?

But again to do such a thing, in other words, to deliberately be in a state of non-doing, is again a "doing" in itself, indirectly me trying to "see" (or achieve) the truth for myself.



Which is why, non-doing, silence, quietude, stillness.......meditativeness.......are not achievable milestones.

Why not.

Because despite the spectacle of infinite mosaic of doings............non-doing is already the case.

Because despite the spectacle of a cacophony.....whether heavenly or hellish.......silence is already the case.

Because despite the spectacle of a collage of infinite movements in infinite directions........stillness is already the case.

Quietude has never been disturbed.

What is already the case .........cannot be brought to become the case.

In which case Sandeep, I don't think I will ever be able to truly "stop" questioning or trying to do anything. It's a part of my nature to ask, to question, to keep trying, to keep doing something, irrespective of whether or not i achieve/or don't achieve the truth of my existence at the end of the search (that is if there is such a thing as an "end")  

Which is perfectly fine.

Look at what is happening.

The coalesced animate biological sentient object popularly known as “Y”.......... is a collage of eventing.

A series of activities,... taking place moment to moment to moment.

In this particular case the activity is questioning.

Which is really the arising of a thought, blending perpetuating itself into another thought, into another and so on.....

......all of which is in the nature of a question.

Right now the question is about the existential nature of Truth.

Tomorrow the question may be ....why a relationship with the opposite sex never lasts.

Day after tomorrow the question could be how do I get out of this questioning ruckuss.

Thought as a question.........which may invoke a response from the surrounding environ, which on mentation maybe taken to be an answer, an answer which maybe temporarily assuages the question, till thought rears up once again.

Associated with this activity is a sense of ownership of the activity, which fashions the feeling

"It is I -Y V, which is posing this question".

Or " It is I -Y V who accepts/rejects the offered answer".

Or " It is I -Y V who wants to now acquire the key to awaken from this questioning drama".

Irrespective of the presence or absence of the sense of ownership of the activity........

.........the activity -in-the-moment.....fashioned by the innate conditioning-in-that-moment....

...carries on....moment to moment to moment.

So long the object in question is "alive".........whether it goes by the label as "Y" or "Sandeep" or "Ramana" or "Dubya Bush"...

....the object will remain a collage of eventings, of activities.

Having observed that the above describing is truly what is happening....... there anything to be done with the enfolding drama(i.e the activity and the associated sense of ownership of the enfolding activity)?


Truly observed........ is the immediate dissipation of the stake in the observed.

AND simultaneously....the stake in the observer.

Leaving just the observing.

Just the observing.......... in indifference........... of........the advent, the play-out and the passing away......... of the entirety of the drama.

Whether it is the awake-dream drama.
Or the sleep-dream drama.
Or the deep-sleep drama.

The entirety of the drama in all it's myriad forms hues, differentiations......  is  you, (as you truly are) as your manifest objective form.

And thus a nuance of that drama..........a nuance as the manifest object known as "Y V" along with her questions...

...cannot be but you(as you truly are) you truly are)...............never pose a question.

Nor seek an answer.

Thus neither a chase or a craving or an assertion.

Nor a shunning, or a denial.

Neither a questioning, nor the absence of a questioning.