The interesting thing is that as soon as that gap has been created I no more know the other,
and so it is always exciting to see what he has to say


Sure, the sense of excitement needs the sense of a forgetting, a sense of a hypnosis.

The bored king having conquered every inch of  the land, vanquished all enemies, now has to pretend that some part of his vast kingdom is not his.

And now the excitement of choosing which type of battle gear to don, which one of the favourite queens to be impregnated, before girding up the loins and sailing joyously into battle.

The forgetting that allowed a memory.

The sleep that allowed a dream.

The death that was a birthing - that opened a creative gap between a birth and death that never had substance
nor location.

"I swear you have a location - for I've named you, and feel you, and see you ..."

... the forgetting that allowed the memory of what could have been if it could have happened through being remembered.