28th May 2003

once again the silence beckons.... i leave the intellectuals to
their debates and one upmanship egoic renderings ... the
silence holds vaster wisdom than the boards these days.....

Silence which holds something,...anything, ......is that silence?

Or is silence the absence of all concepts of silence, including that it holds "vaster wisdoms"?

Vaster wisdoms, to be vast, .....would it not need wisdom which is not so vast, .....maybe even some dosage of downright stupidity?

nature needs not stive one against the other each has beauty as
it is .... for it is One..... minus the outward distinctions....

Is there outward distinctions?

Or are there only deeply held notions of the One, as lints in the eye, which makes distinctions appear,.....

........Distinctions which then are to be negated or affirmed, depending on the particular lint which irritates?





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