Q. If I left a plant in my backyard and there is no one to look at it for three weeks, then how we can explain one inch of growth in a three-week time lapse?

My question is: If the idealism theory of advaita has some validity, then why after three weeks [with no sentient being perceiving it] does the plant grow one inch? How can we explain the change [its growth] in the time lapse when there was not an observer or perceiver present? If we follow the idealist notion that 'to exist is to be perceived', then how we can explain the one-inch grow?

Response from J: There is no inch of growth till the observer returns. There is observing of a seed and then there is observing of a three inch plant. There is no in-between point, in space or time, of growing. The observation of no plant and the observation of the 3 inch plant has a causal link (that it must have grown in the in-between time) which the observer attributes, not a causal link that exists independently. ----------

Yes J And even to see......... What is it to see a plant(whether as a seed or a s 3 inch teenager-plant? Just to be positioned and seeing the plant there .....for a moment. What is involved in putting together that momentary experience? And to be silent and aware ... as the experience forms ... without being distracted "into" the picture as a being recording the experience. A silent awareness...which is not positional and ....where no story gets created and attributed to the cognizing. No questioning possible at this-no-positioning, nor any answer for anything, nor any statement can be made. So, right now/here .... ......there is a positioning in front of a keyboard, and a statement gets created/stated that no statement is made......that no statement can ever be made. As a nuance of a display of what stating would be, if a stating could ever be.


Eloquence of Silence