23d June 2003



"If you going to sweep the floor...give it all you got!" ....and then he walked away.


   To me this is like Mojud, in the sense he gave everything a good effort and proved to be successfull at it and in doing so, wisdom was something of a side effect.


   If we give every moment "all you got", no matter the task, when working , give it all you got, when walking, give it all you got, even when suffering, give it all you got...With this type of mindfullness.....wisdom is surely to be realized.



Lovely account, S.


To give it all to the moment, moment to moment to moment, is living in completion in the moment.

Moment to moment,....... in completion.


The very activity is so much in completion, that the thought as to what it is to going to get me, as a consequence, just does not arise.


Whether the activity in the moment is sweeping the floor, cracking a string theory conundrum, or prattling over cyber-space..........there is no "me" to be concerned as to whether there will be success, or a failure, or acknowledgement, or acceptance or disagreement or un-acceptance.


There is just the "me-less" functioning in the moment, ..........which is always in completion.


A child on the sea-beach building a sand-castle.


Next time, observe such a child.


There is such a total and complete absorption in the building of the sand-castle, the crooked minarets, the uneven surrounding moat,..............that it appears that there is no child, ...........just the emerging sand-castle out of the tiny hands.


Ask the child, why he or she builds the sand-castle.


The child will be bewildered, he will have no answer.


The building of the sand-castle is so much a completion for the child that there could be something beyond the building , is just inconceivable for the child.


As adults we also build sand-castles.


That's all, we do, in fact.


But our sand-castles are a means to a bigger sand-castle and thus we are never in completion, ever in our lives.


Never in completion is anxiety, fear, insecurity, ....all the hoopla of the "me".


The sand-castle builder on the sea-beach........


Come evening, when Mom calls to go home, ............that same child, kicks that sand-castle back into the sand from which it emerged, ...........


.....that same castle over which he laboured the whole day,........the endless trips to the sea-shore to bring buckets of water to fill in the moat, the water keep on disappearing into the sand,......


....the child kicks the sand-castle into oblivion and walks away without a single glance backward.



It's only that which is completion, .............which can be walked away from, ...........in the total sense.



God, albeit on a somewhat different scale, is no different to that child building a sand-castle on the sea-beach.



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