The act of perceiving (sensorially) is real;

that which is perceived is unreal.

Thus everything from a mirage to a mountain is unreal.

Yet everything from a mirage to a mountain,...... must be a reflection of Reality


As I am trying to perceive "Reflections"

Geese are flying over head

I hear them

I get up

I look 

I see them

I know why they are coming back

It is supposed to be officially spring

But ---

It does not feel like spring

To  me

So is that the illussion?



In the light of consciousness all sorts of things happen .


None,....... any more important that the other. 


The sight of  flying geese is as marvelous or as mundane as the vision of God.


Let them be.


The division them into high and low, inner and outer, lasting and transient, the issue.


Invite to go beyond, go back to the source,...... by exploring the deeply held conviction that you have,.......which is that you were born into the world.


For in reality the world, ...........made of sightings,....... of flying geese and Gods,...of loved ones.......of unloved ones....... ever recreated in you and by you.


Invite the seeing that  everything as emanating from the light,...... which is the source of your own being.


And you will see that all "seen(s)", matter what the content,.....


....are reflections.



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