10th March 2004



Thanks for your replies.

How does one break the cycle of karma?


By seeing whether at all the concept of karma has an existential reality, in order to be broken.

And thus to discern just who is it, for whom the cycle of karma is of any significance.

After all, trying to break your shadow, is more dancing shadows, is it not?

If we are here, we are going to do things.


So long that biological apparatus is 'alive", functioning will
continue through it, in the moment, ....moment to moment to moment.

 Irrespective of whether that apparatus is labeled by society as
an "enlightened sage" or as a "bum -on-the-street".

 And irrespective, whether against a conditioning, the function as
actions, is judged as "profound" or "profane".

Actions do not credit/debit the account of karma.

It is the sense of ownership for the actions, happening in the
moment, through "oneself", ...

 ....which appears as a sense of pride, accomplishment,.....

 ....or as a sense of guilt, and thus anxiousness, suffering, fear,
insecurity, etc etc,......

 ....that's what enhances the account.

 If it's a sense of ownership, that increases or decreases an
account, ...that account has to be a sense of a recurring account, is
it not?

 Nothing existential about it.

They say one way to break the karmic cycle is to
 offer all the fruits to Him. I am having tough time trying to
practice this.



 A particular disposition is conducive to that sense of offering to

 You cannot practice that sense of offering.

 If it is to happen, it happens, despite "you".

so, no trying is needed on one's part to achieve this?

 The sense of trying, is always the hoopla of the mind.

 Which can never really submit.

Or even in the submission, the mind calculates the expected returns
from that submission.

And thus is really not a submission, but a bargain.

A Meera, has no issue whatsoever to drink milk which she knows is
poisoned, because for her, there can be nothing, which is not a gift
of Giridhar Gopal.

A Meera, is not even conscious of her submission.

That submission, with an eye clocked for the arriving
benediction, .....is no submission.




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