29th May 2003

Hiya J,

Most non-dualists want to throw out duality completely. This they soon find is impossible.

Non-duality is as much a concept as duality and to be engaged in throwing out for another is hilarity.

Quite appropriate if it is happening, but hilarious.

Say you have a piece of gold and a piece of copper. On the surface they are very different, have different values to human beings, etc. A scientist who has seen both on the sub-atomic level will tell you that both are the same underneath. However, there is no way he will exchange the gold for the copper.

In the same way, the Reality is non-dual.

That Reality is non-dual, this statement can only be made in duality.

However this non-dual reality has arranged itself in different patterns to form many dual items. [Atoms
arranged differently form different elements with entirely different properties]. If a human has experienced non-duality and knows for certain the non-dual nature of everything

Non-duality can it be experienced?
Can it be known, either?
With certainty,
Or with uncertainty.

surely you do not expect him to act different from the scientist above?

Even Ramana still had ties with his mother and Nisargadatta with his family. The way some listers attack all dualistic pointers is as if they have no duality in themselves! Non-duality and duality are two sides of the same coin.

Non-duality is not, not-Duality.
Non-duality is the absence of duality AND the absence of not-duality.

There is no way you can get rid of one.

Attempting to get rid, whatever be the particular target, is duality.

In other words I can see the non-dual Reality underneath yet talk in dualistic ways.

In seeing the non-dual Reality, you are in duality

I can say "God is all" and "I love God" at the same time.

One can say anything at the same time.

Makes no difference to God.


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