23d August 2003



G:   ......  service must come from the Heart.... in Bhakti or even Jnana in the end it is Service....   in Bhakti from day one...
if you cannot even let go of the ego enough to serve Guru , Family, Society above yourself........ then just how in the world do
you expect to be able to sacrifice your illusions of self , in order to find Realization......  if you cannot even sacrifice such a Small
thing Do NOT even imagine that you have enough faith or stamina to be able to walk through the death of ego self
illusion....    Nor on the other hand Truly Surrender to find God-Realization through Bhakti........  if there is that idea that it is
possible without love and self sacrifice, then indeed you are a much greater delusion than you can even comprehend......

Service which comes from a must, would you call that service?

On the other hand, service, which arises as a natural consequence from the "gasp"  of beingness, where there is an apperception that we do not serve an-"other",......... we ARE the other,......... would that be service?

When you give a shilling to a beggar
- do you realize that you are giving it to yourself?

When you help a lame dog over a stile
- do you realize that you yourself are being helped?

When you kick a man when he is down
- do you realize that you are kicking yourself?

Give him another kick - if you deserve it!

You state about the need to sacrifice the illusion of the self.


Can an illusion be sacrificed?

Would that not require giving it a subtantivity to start with?

Possibility, without love and self-sacrifice, as you state, ....... is indeed a delusion.

Possibility with love and self-sacrifice is as much a delusion.


For possibility,......... is itself the very delusion.




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