23th May 2003

Hiya R

I always assumed that questioning mind is an unconditioned mind.

The primary conditioning is that there is something like a mind, which can be tool to be used to apperceive.

So it matters little what questions it comes up with or which answers temporarily satisfy it.

The very arising of a question, can only happen in the gestalt of duality, isn't it?

A duality of a "questioner" and the "questioned-about"

I always
thought there are right questions and there are wrong questions.


There are questions and there is a judgement, (either by oneself, or by the icon of authority) about the arising question.

The essence of all questions, (and indeed any answer) are.......signatures on flowing waters.

In the stilled waters (to use a conceptual term for the purpose of this dialogue), the entire relevancy is no more.

For example
How do I become aware kind of questions I termed as wrong questions and
"What does it mean to be aware?" kind of questions as right questions.

Again R, there is nothing "right" or "wrong" in phenomenality.

If a question has arisen, it is a nuance of the functioning of Totality, THROUGH a conditioned apparatus, the conditioning "fashioning" the very question in that moment.

With this in mind, suggest for your consideration, .........all "How"s, infer the presence of an entity.

It's only to an entity, that a "How" and a "Who",........ are of relevance.

And only idiots supply the answer to a How or to a Who.

Idiots are as much expressions of that same perfection, as any other expression. <LOL>

"What does it mean to be aware", or similar...........throws the "me" back onto itself.

The energy which was moving outwardly through a "How", ..........reverses and falls on itself.

And sometimes explosions happen on this falling unto oneself.

Now I
am seeing that a questioning mind is basically a conditioned mind.


Doooobeeee Doooobeee Dooooo, R.

I am all there is.

If I am all that there IS, ......who is not-I, .........to whom I can pose a question, any question.

Ergo can any question arise, in unicity (to use a conceptual term)?

Ergo any question (and a corresponding answer) can only arise in a gestalt of seemingly separation, i.e. duality, ............with each "questioning-me" in order to be unique, needing to be uniquely conditioned.

And so is.

Why all this hoopla?

To thicken the plot.






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