7th June 2003



Dear L,



              Your words are what I was searching for. I feel the old issues melting away, and a child ready to play. Thank You!



Yes the innocence of the child, who is not even aware of her innocence.

(Innocence which is aware of it's innocence,... is a pose)


I do not know whether you like the sea, or ever go to beaches.

If you do, next time notice a child on the beach building a sandcastle.

Just quietly observe the child.

The child is so intent, in building the Hodge-podge of a castle, that she is completely oblivious to the beating sun, to the salty breeze, totally unaware of her surroundings.


It would seem, as if even the child  is not there, just the sand-castle emerging from those tiny fingers.


Ask that child why does she built a sand-castle?

To what purpose?

To what objective?


If the child is truly a child (and not posing as one), she will be bewildered at your question.

She will have no answer to give you.


The building of the sand-castle, in the moment, is so much a completion for her, that there is nothing beyond the building of the sand-castle.


There is no purpose, no objective, beyond the activity.


The act is in total completion in itself.


As adults, we also build sand-castles.

That, in fact is all that we are doing, all our life.

But our sand-castles, are never in completion in itself.

It is supposed to serve as a means to something else, some other higher purpose, some objective which is apart from the act.

And that is why, we never taste a moment of completion.


For there is a constant chase for the next higher, bigger, better sand-castle.


Let's get back to that child on the beach, building a sand-castle.


Come sunset, when Mom calls to go home, ..........that same child, kicks the sand-castle back into the sands, from which it emerged, ..........the same sand-castle over which she labored the whole day, making countless trips to the sea-shore to fetch water, to build a moat around the sand-castle, ........she just kicks it back, into the sand and walks away without a single backward glance.


God, may be building a somewhat bigger sand-castle, but the essence of the innocence, is not different to that child on the beach.


That is why, Life has no purpose, apart from itself.

Life is not a means for something else, "higher" ,"beyond" itself.


Life is in completion, moment to moment to moment.


Completion does not mean there is no change (speaking within the gestalt of phenomenality).


But always in completion.   



>It is like "Knock and the door shall be opened", "Ask and you shall receive".



To be in receptivity.

Which needs vacancy, emptiness.


A filled cup can never catch the raining Grace, which is constantly pouring.


An empty cup, which is down-faced, will also not catch, for the raindrops of Grace will slide down its sides.


Empty and face upturned, to let the rain drops fall on your smiling face............in receptivity.



Impatience is not thirst.

With impatience there is struggle but no yearning.

With thirst there is yearning but no struggle.

With impatience there is demanding but no waiting.
With longing there is waiting but no demanding

With impatience there is a restless struggle

With thirst there is silent tears


>We create our own situations and interactions, whatever they may be. Our destiny is only the result of our actions.
>While in the state of "just being" things flow naturally. I have practiced this state of "being" without the knowledge of it, and have'nt been able to keep it for long.
>With more understanding, I feel my perception changing again which also changes the world I live in.


Yes the "outer world" is a mere reflection of the quality of the inner space.



 It is like a new awareness of the creator that I am.
>I have new "software" from which to experience, and only wish to "enjoy".
>I don't communicate as well as you do, and realize that there's much more to learn.



All real learning is essentially an un-learning.




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