6th June 2003



Wow. Nice poem. It has so eloquently expressed your beliefs. It is almost convincing.





I hope you don't mind me saying that I do not share your beliefs.


No I don't mind at all.

For beliefs are not what are being offered.



 For one thing relating human mind with waved in ocean is fundamenatlly flawed. In a ocean all water particles are same. Human minds are anything but same.


Each "wave" in the Ocean is unique and at the same time the same.


Unique in its amplitude, shape, structure, form, energy intensity, etc.


Same in the sense that no "wave" has any independent existential reality.


The above, as applicable to the mind.





 Asking no questions may be good for waves because no matter what the ocean will remain ocean. Not so with human mind.


Meaning that you believe it is the human mind which questions?


R, does the mind exist at all?


Or is it a notion, inferred by the mnemonic impressions of past experiences?






Human beings are conditioned. An action based on conditioning is going to destroy the human beings.


Which then raises the question, is there any action which does not emerge through a cocoon of conditioning?


Secondly, Life as a nuance of phenomenality is about creationing and destructioning.

So what's the import of any one pole in that dualistic gestalt?



 The only solution is to free oneself from conditioning.



Who is to free itself?

That's the core question.


And the term solution, connotes a problem.


Where or what is the problem?


To whom is the problem, a problem?




 So how does one do that?


By being very clear about the basic issue, without doing the hoopla with the secondary or consequential issues.


The basic issue being, who is the "one" who believes that there is something to be done.


The "how" is moot isn't it, without ascertaining the "who" is asking the "how".


A dreamed-up character in your last night-sleep dream, is convinced that the other characters in that drama are on the path o destruction, because of conditioned actions in that dream-drama and thus he has to find out how does he free himself from the dreamed-conditioning, in the dream-sequence.


And then you wake up, in the morning, and sip from a hot cup of tea,.........

.........fondly remembering the much ado of the last night-sleep-dream.





 By going with the flow? By asking no questions what so ever?


Oh by all means, you must question.

If that is what you are moved to.


If "questioning" is the functioning through a biological computer, a psycho-somatic apparatus, which society has labeled "R", ..................then that is exactly the flow that is happening in the moment, THROUGH a sentient, conditioned responsive manifest object.


What you do, or don't do, is hardly of any import, R.


Seeing the real picture in its Totality, is all that separates sleep and waking up to sip that hot tea.


A questioning mind is an awake mind. It questions all thoughts, all beliefs, all conclusions that it does not see for itself. It is our only defense against conditioning.


And the questioning of conditioning,............ is not emanating from a conditioning?


That conditioning is responsible for all "evils" in Life, ............is that not a conditioning?


That "evil" is an evil, .......is not a conditioning?




 Questioning mind is so aware that it does not accept anything that it does not see.



Neither does an ostrich.

A mind that does not question what it sees is a dead mind.


A questioning mind is as much dead as one that does not question.


Ravi, from behind the bag of "known",............... the "unknown" (using a conceptual term), can never be penetrated.


A bag of known can only go round and round the mulberry bush of the same known.


Going round and round the mulberry bush.......... games ..........also happens in phenomenality.




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