Path of the Heart


One in reception

Nothing pouring into Nothing

We never quarreled 

Path of the Heart

When I die

You don't need feet to dance

Life is a bridge, don't build your home on it

The One Alone

Melodies of pain

And the door opens

Deceitful will get deceived

This is Kharabat, a temple of total ruin

The fana

On the seashores of endless worlds, children meet

Relating and Bliss

You have actually waltzed with tremendous style

And for no reason

The cherry blossoms embracing the misty moon


Sound, the door to the soundless, Form to Formless

To be in the world is not attachment


A thousand serious moves

A weed in his hand, he danced

Sampling some oysters

Religious activity, the favorite escape route

Listen, O dearly beloved

The music ...........

Don't quit, keep playing

What can be said

A tiny bubble of laughter

Ignorance upon the shore

It, is its own  explanation

I didn't know
God knows

Ishq'allah mahbud lillah

A sigh


From where it comes?

Randy, the king of Mosquitoes

Dance with nothing on but air

Everything speaking simultaneously to everything

Standing mouth to the sky

An old sweet beggar


Only the silent tears

Look who thinks he's nothing

Chikoo Chikooo Chicooooo

To be in gratitude

Reached to help

It's never too late to have a happy childhood

His eternal Wine

That is so

lf Radha did not weep.... 

Have fun, my dear, my dear have fun


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