A beautiful Sufi word,-Khana-badosh 

which refers to one  who carries 

his house on his shoulders.

One who doesn't get rooted, 

his feet does not get planted.

Is this word hinting at only physical movement, 

a nomadic life?


It is about identification.

It is about getting defined.

The hippie cult of 60's was that, a nomadic tribe.

Innocent, where possibility existed for them to go beyond 

and yet "attainment" was rare if at all.


Because in the rejection of "society" was the identification.

In the very rebellion was the identification.

When you accept something, 

you are identified with it.

Even when you oppose that something, 

you are as much identified.

Secondly the rebellion was time bound.
When the money ran out, the drugs ran out, 

the travel ran out.

When the beauty of the youth ran out , 

the boyfriend/girlfriend left, 

the group disappeared.

And slowly the return back to that very same society.

Notice, have you ever seen a 40 year old hippie, 

a real one not the pseudo ones who pretend to be one.


No,....... Khana-badosh is being an internal nomad, 

an extension of the same principle of Neti, Neti (Not this, Not this) 

where you do not remain stuck at an experience.

One keeps going.



I woke up in the night

It seemed I suddenly heard the whisperings 

of the deep stillness,

coming from behind the curtains of darkness-

as a soft, mysteriously melodious, ultimate song.

And that song said to me:

Invincible One! Oh haven't you woken up yet?

And this light from an unbounded source, floods.

Oh, unfortunate one, how many times has your cup been filled

and, unnoticed, been tipped over and emptied.

This secrecy of the perpetual silence,

It is useless knowing this secret,

I lost my peace, in my madness for you,

I have become a flame filled with joy, 

in my pain for you.

At the hands of time I have become so bent

I who was once an arrow, am now the bow

No companion, no guide for this journey.

What path is this I have set out on?

Where to reach, 


is to disappear.




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