There was a wise old Saltdoll

fishing in a small boat with a man.



The Saltdoll noticed a scorpion

in a puddle of water in the boat,



She reached her hand down to rescue the scorpion,

placed it in her hand...

.. and it bit her!

The Saltdoll carefully laid the scorpion down

to a drier part of the boat.



The scorpion once again, walked right into the puddle

and was drowning.

The wise Saltdoll picked up the scorpion

to place it on dry land,

and again, it bit her.

The man with the Saltdoll watched this scene

over and over again in amazement!




He thought the Saltdoll was wise,

but he could easily see now that he himself had far more wisdom

than this stupid old Saltdoll did.



Finally he could stand it no longer and asked,

"Why would you save that scorpion over and over

when you know it is going to bite you again and again?"





And the Saltdoll answered,

"It is in the scorpion's nature to bite.

It is in my nature to help."

To test the Saltdoll, the man jumped into the ocean

and pretended to be drowning.

Without hesitation

the Saltdoll jumped in.






The man returned to the boat alone.





The scorpion was again struggling in the puddle.


The man reached down to help.





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