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A "me" and "you" can only enter relationship, 

whereas that something which

we yearn for, 

thirst for, 

is do with relating, 

not relationship.


Relating is like a river, 

a flow, 

a dynamic movement.

Alive, .......it's a dance.



Relationship are stagnant pools, 

and no matter how much it seems,

 the apparent growth within any relationship

is only an appearance.


Life is "rivering", 

whereas relationships are like being tethered.


And that is why in a relationship finally one grows 

to hate or detest,........ whom or which, 

one loved in the first place.

And yet we keep on entering 

into relationships again and again.

Relationships not just people specific.


Why do we that?

Primarily because what normally drives our seeking 

of a relationship is a hope 

that it will alleviate our loneliness.

In this cyber age, 

the new forms of relationships 

are memberships to the Lists and Yahoo Groups..

What perpetuates this relationship 

is the nature of the mind to cling to the familiar. 

Better the known devil 

than the unknown saint 

no matter what the cost payable/being paid.

And it always fails.

Because alleviation of loneliness 

is an escape.

Somehow it seems so terrible to be with oneself, 

that we need to put on the PC and type away something, 

any nonsense will do, 

but something which will occupy me 

and keep me away from myself.

Something, anything to occupy myself.


In relating, one is not escaping one's aloneness .

One has realized this essential nature of oneself  

which is "aloneness" 

and this realization of "aloneness" 

is a matter of rejoicing.

And in this rejoicing, 

so much bliss is created 

that one has to shower, share.

Like a cloud bursting with rain water, 

will shower, 

whether the earth is in need of it or not, 

whether the trees are thirsty or not.

The rain cloud showers, 

shares irrespective of the "other".



Love is irrespective of the "other".

The greatest burden of life is bliss.

Sweet but mountainous.

Everything else can be carried, 

but bliss has to be showered, shared.

And when one is showering, 

one does not fall in love, 

one rises in love.



Once when I met God, I asked 

"Hey why all this? What gives?"

God shrugged and replied

"Can't help it, mon.

Am full of it.

Can't hold back"





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