God was full of Wine last night,

So full of Wine


That He let a great secret slip.


He said:

There is no man on this earth

Who needs a pardon from Me --

For there is really no such thing,

No such thing

As Sin!




The Divine Beloved has gone 

completely Wild --

He has poured Himself into me!



I am Blissful and Drunk 

and Overflowing.



Dear world,

Draw life from my sweet Body.

Dear wayfaring souls,

Come drink your fill of liquid rubies,

For God has made my heart

An Eternal Fountain.




Path to God

Made me such 

an old sweet beggar.



I was starving, until one night

My love tricked God Himself

To fall into my bowl.



Now I am infinitely rich,

But all I ever want to do

Is keep emptying out

My emerald-filled



This tear-stained







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