Radha eissi bhay Shyam ki diwani
Ke brij ki kahani ho gayi

Radha became such intoxicated with Shyam

(Shyama-the dark colour which is also another name of Krishna)

that she became a lore for humanity.



Ek bholi bhali gaon ki gawaran
To panditon ki bani ho gayi

One simple, innocent village ignorant girl,

became the lore of the priests



Radha na hoti to brindaban bhi
Brindaban na hota,

If there was no Radha, Brindaban

(equivalent to Garden of Eden) would not be Brindavan



Kaanha to hote bansi bhi hoti
bansi me pran na hota

Kaanha (another name for Krishna), Kaahna would be there,

his flute would also be there

but there would be no life in his flute.


Prem pari basha jaanka na koyi
Kaanhaya ko yogi maanta na koyi

If the language of love was not known

Kaanha would not have been recognized

as the Maha Yogi (The Yogi of the Yogis)



Bina pari raheke wo prem ki pujaran
Kaanha ki patrani ho gayi

Without being apart, that devotee of love,

became the Head-Queen of Kanaha

(Patrani, is more than Head-Queen,

more than Mistress, more than Beloved)



Radha ki payal na bhajti
To Mohan eissi raas rachaaté

if Radha did not ring her anklets

Then what raas (dance-drama) would be enacted

by Mohan(another name for Krishna)





Nindiya churakaar madhuban bhulakar
Oongli pe kissko nachaaté...

Having stolen their sleep,

having made the Gopis forget

their home/circumstances/surroundings,

then who would Kaanha make, to dance on his finger

(who could he twist around his finger, if Radha did not ring her anklets)



Kya eissé khushboo chandan me hoti

Is this, the very pheromones in the sandal wood?

Kya eissé misri maakhan me hoti

Is this the very sweetness of the butter?

Thora sa maakhan khilake, wo dwaalan
Anupurra sidani ho gayi...

Just by feeding a little of that butter,

that cow-herd(Krishna) enabled the ecstacy of Radha


Radha na hoti to kunj gali bhi eissi nirali na hoti

If there was no Radha, this world would not be that exquisite,

would not have that mysterious intoxicating splendour

Radha ke naina na roté to Jamuna eissi kali na hoti

If Radha did not weep, the river Jamuna would not be so dark


Sawan to hota, jhule na hoté

Spring would be there, but the swings in which

one swings with gay abandon in celebration,

when spring descends,

those swings would not be there.

Radha ke sangh natwar jhulé na hoté

Without Radha, the innocent swinging with Radha,

would not be.



Sara jeewan luthaté wo bheekharan

Gambling away, her whole life, that female-beggar

dhaankon ki raajdhani ho gayi...

She became the Queen of cymbals (She became the Sound of all sounds)



Radha eissi bhay Syam ki diwani
ke brij ki kahani ho gayi
ke brij ki kahani ho gayi
ke brij ki kahani ho gayi....oh oh...

Radha, became such an intoxicated lover,

that she became a lore for humanity

A lore for humanity

A lore for humanity

So much is lost in words,

so much is lost when moving words to more words.

All prattlings reduce to tears of silence,

when one glance of Grace,

bathes you.




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