Whatever burns up, goes out

Once out, it can't be rekindled.

Those burned up in love, 

are rekindled again and again

The fire is lit, 

melodies of pain arise from my heart;

In the sorrow of your love 

I have become a fiery tongue


Because of intellect wandering the path;

I have become the dust of a passing caravan.


When the heart became lighted,

boundaries disappeared, 

and limitless am I


When filled with desire 

each breath was speaking fire

now love has descended, 

speechless am I.

Tying the ankle bells, 

Meera enters the dance


If you love me from the heart,

then why do you make me cry?


In this deep darkness of your light,

Why do you hide your glance from mine?


Even coming close, 

you never come close;

you never call me close.

For what,

 do you live around me?


For what,

 do you come around me?




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Dutch translation/ Nederlandse vertaling