Non-attachment is not concerned with things
but with thoughts

Non-attachment is not related to the outside
but to the within

Non-attachment is not to do with the world
but with oneself

One day a beggar went to see a Sufi fakir and found him seated on velvet

cushion inside a beautiful tent 

with it's ropes tied to golden pegs in the ground.

Seeing all this the beggar cried: "What is all this?

I have heard so much about you and your spirituality 

and non-attachment 

but I am completely disillusioned 

by all this ostentation around you."

The fakir laughed , immediately jumped up and said 

"Let's go" 

and walked off with the beggar,

 not even waiting to put on his sandals.


After a while the beggar was distressed.

"I left my begging bowl in your tent. 

What shall I do without it? 

Please wait while I go back and fetch it."

The Sufi smiled  and said . "My friend

 The gold pegs of my tent were stuck in the earth, 

not in my heart;

but your begging bowl is still chasing you."




To be in the world is not attachment

The presence of the world in the mind is the attachment

and when the world disappears from the mind-

the relevance of the very terms ....

...."attachment" .........."non-attachment" 


is no more. 


This is the gestalt of non-attached existing.






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