Once upon a time, in a concentration camp, 

there was a prisoner, 

who had just been sentenced to be executed.



Few days later, he was seen in the middle 

of the prison square playing his guitar.


A large crowd of prisoners gathered to listen 

to this strange music, 

which seemed to make the prison walls disappear.



When the prison authorities saw this, 

hey immediately passed orders forbidding 

the condemned man from playing the guitar.



Next day, the man was back in the square singing

 and strumming his guitar, for a larger crowd.



The guards dragged him off 

and amputated few of his fingers.



Next day, the man was back in the square, 

singing and strumming his guitar 

with whatever fingers that were left, to a cheering crowd.



The guards smashed his guitar.


Next day the man was back in the square, 

singing with all his heart.

What a song !

The crowd joined in and sang with their hearts 

and for those brief moments, they were free.



So angry were the prison authorities, 

that they caught the man and had his tongue torn out, 

in front of the crowd.

The crowd was speechless.


And watched a torn bleeding broken figure, 

stand up and sway and dance 

to a music that only he could hear.



And the crowd also heard that same music 

and were helpless 

but to dance and sway to that music.






Sudha Chandran, a contemporary classical Indian dancer, 

was cut off in the prime of her dancing career.

Her right leg had to be amputated.


After she had been fitted with an artificial leg, 

she went back to dancing 

and made it right back to the position she had earlier.




When asked how she had managed, 

she said quite simply 


" You don't need feet to dance".





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Dutch translation/ Nederlandse vertaling