Path of the Heart


What is Let Go?

Where Dolphins Dance

A midair flight of golden wine

You silently carry off

A Butterfly

A Divine Invitation

What have you lost that you cry?

My lover's bed is in heaven's mandala


Walk along a beach

Any leg will do, but go to your bathroom dancing

Hiding behind words and symbols

Listen <=> Silent

And you have given it all 



The anguish of the Bhakta

Are you crazy?

The "clever" prayer

Look directly

I am so ungrateful to these teachers

How can I sing if my mouth be filled with food?

Hip-Hopping Hallelujah

The man

Until only the mountain remains

Dearest cloud.....

What's the fuss?

Our seeking is His seeking

Resting in a hand

The Truth of the river will always....

Are you a thief?

I am You

There is nothing but centerless center

Able to wear all forms...

Musings in Love

Thou answered

I can exist neither in separation nor in proximity

That all-surrounding Grace


Radhe Radhe Shyam

I did not know who I was, until I could see it in another.

One is the other, and is neither.


The day is done

Aasato Maa

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


Living on breath

I am ever beyond...even myself.

The.. sitting....

Whenever I worship....

An invocation

Mor Veena

Just one cry...

Beloved Child

The beginning lost in the end, the end in the beginning

The singing known as Lalla

Everything is okay for Thee


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