The lover, after having braved the elements of nature, 

swimming across the raging rivers, 

clawing up mountain faces, 

fighting off wild animals, 

finally reaches his beloved's door and knocks.

"Who is there?" comes a voice.

"It is I" replies the lover 

gasping at the prospect of being one with his beloved.


The door remains closed.

The lover goes away and then spends the next few years 

meditating trying to understand why the door remain closed.


After several years the lover returns 

and knocks on the door of his beloved.

"Who is there?" asks the voice from inside.

"Only you" replies the lover.


The door remains closed.

And the lover goes back.

Several more years pass in meditation.

Storms pass by him, seasons pass by him, 

and the lover awaits and awaits.

Ants build their home around him, 

birds make their nests in his hair,

the squirrels build their winter stocks of nuts in his palms.



It seemed nature and he were not two.


Several more years pass 

and at last the lover stirs.


Slowly he walks to the door of the beloved and knocks

"Who is there?" asks the voice from inside.


A silence greets the question.


And the door opens.




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