Know that He is never in anything, 

nor is anything in Him.


He is neither inside 

nor outside of anything.

None can see Him, 

whether with the eyes of the head 

or with the inner eye;


nor can anyone conceive Him 

with senses, 

knowledge, mind, 

intelligence or imagination.

Only He can see Himself; 

only He can conceive Himself.



None can know Him; 

only He can know Himself.

He sees Himself by Himself;

He conceives Himself by Himself;

He knows Himself by Himself.

None other than He can see Him.

None other than He can know Him.



That which hides Him is His oneness.

None but Himself can hide Him.



The veil that hides Him 

is His own being.


He is not within you; 

nor are you in Him.


He does not exclude you, 

nor are you excluded from Him.



When you are addressed as you,

do not think that you exist, 

with an essence and qualities and attributes;

for you never existed, 

nor do exist, 

nor ever will exist.




You have not entered into Him, 

nor He into you.


Without being, 

your essence is with Him 

and in Him.



Without having any identity, 


you are Him and He is you.



If you know yourself as nothing, 

then you truly know your Lord.




you truly know Him not.





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Dutch translation/ Nederlandse vertaling