In the monasteries of Tibet, goes a story thus

Randy was the king of Mosquitoes.

It so happened that once his fellow subject mosquitoes 

were searching for a place for their king Randy to reside.

Nothing less would do, as after it was Randy the King of

 and hence place after place were rejected on one ground or the other.

Till they arrived at the ear of an elephant and all agreed 

that this was indeed "the" palatial residence fit for their King Randy.

Randy inspected the premises and approved to move in.

Just before Randy moved his stuff, family etc, 

he thought it fit to announce to the elephant his arrival.

After all guest should at least inform the host, thought Randy.

"Hey Elephant, I am Randy King of the Mosquitoes. 

I come from across those mountains. 

After a lot of search, it has been decided that your ear is suitable for me to reside.

You must be honored that I, Randy the III, King of Striped Mosquitoes 

have come to reside in your ear.

I along with my family and followers will stay here.

For how long, I cannot say, right now"

Randy waited for a response.

None came.

Thinking that the elephant must be overwhelmed with the occasion, 

Randy moved in.



Being the randy goat that Randy was, 

soon his family grew by leaps and bounds.

Some friends dropped in over the months, 

stayed back (as usually guests of guests do) and soon it was a buzz of activity.

Getting a bit squeezed for space.... 


(Randy liked a bit of space to contemplate 

on the concepts of Life 

which he kept picking from the Internet 

through his Web connection), 


.............he soon called his council of ministers 

and announced that this would no longer do 

and they better find another place for the King.


"We need space" decreed Randy (speaking in the royal plural for himself)


Soon the search located another suitable place and Randy was ready to leave.

Thinking it was not good manners not to say few words to the elephant 

whose ear he had occupied for so long, Randy announced...

"Hey Elephant. I know you will be heartbroken but I am leaving.

Stayed here for a good 6 months, 

good pad you got here, little cramped, 

but generally comfortable."

There was no answer from the elephant.

Randy getting a bit pissed off 

(nobody ignores Randy not even those humans), 

Randy shouted "Hey Elephant, I am leaving"


Again no response.

And so Randy fairly screamed and hollered 

as it was now a question of pride for the striped Mosquito kingdom 

that he Randy the III,.............. be heard.


Finally the elephant turned around 

and looked around here and there 

and espied a tiny wisp of a mosquito, 

making a song and dance about something.

"Yes?", asked the elephant.

"I am leaving" screamed the rapidly turning purple,.... King of Mosquitoes.

"Oh you were there" said the astonished elephant.

"Forgive me, I never knew when you came, 

when you stayed, when you are leaving.

Just who are you" replied the elephant.



The Tibetan Masters go on and explain

A dialogue between an elephant and a Mosquito may well be possible.

After all an elephant is a big mosquito 

and a mosquito is a small elephant.

The difference is in dimensions, not of essence.


But a dialogue between the empty sky 

and the man filled with concepts, ideas, notions about the sky ...

is impossible.

For it is not a question of dimensions.

Man stands in front of the empty sky and screams

God IS,


Truth is so and so,

Religion is thus,

Visions are of this nature.



And the empty sky does not answer.

A dialogue between an elephant and the mosquito.

And the conceptual man's concepts 

like signatures on flowing water,...

.. getting erased in the very stroke of the signing.





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