Do not confuse impatience 

with thirst

With thirst there is yearning 

but no struggle.

With impatience there is struggle 

but no yearning

With longing there is waiting 

but no demanding

With impatience there is demanding 

but no waiting.

With thirst there are

 silent tears

With impatience there is 

a restless struggle.

Why seek for a purpose of Life?

If you seek you will never find 

because it is eternally hidden in the seeker.

Life is without purpose.

Life is its own purpose, .........

.....therefore he who lives, without purpose truly lives.


Isn't living itself enough?

The desire to have more than just life 

is a result of not having lived at al

And that is why the fear of death.

What is death to one 

who is really alive?

When living is intense and total, 

who has the time for fear of death nay........

........ who has time for death itself.

There is a music which has no sound....
the soul is restless for such silent music

There is a love in which the body is not

the soul longs for such un-embodied love.

There is a truth which has no form

the soul longs for this formless truth

Therefore melodies do not satisfy

bodies do not satisfy

and forms cannot fulfill the soul.

This lack of fulfillment,....... if understood 

 brings about transcendence....

then sound is  the  door to the soundless

the body becomes the path 

to the un-embodied

and form becomes formless.



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